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Work is not a place you go, but something you do

Work is not a place you go, but something you do

When we focus on time in our seats at work as a measure of productivity, not only are we measuring the wrong thing, we actually spend more time being unproductive ourselves….

Ask Yourself РWhere do you get your best work done? Where do I have my most creative thoughts? Where am I when I get my best ideas?

I’m willing to bet that you probably didn’t say “sitting in my cubicle”. I think there are times when it is helpful to be in an office, collaborating in person with team members. I also know that I often get more work done in an hour at home than I could in a full afternoon in an office environment at times. There are other times that I find the music and atmosphere of a coffee shop helpful for some types of work. And I know I get my best ideas when I’m outside in nature or going for a run with my dog. So why do we force people to come to work from 9-5, when they may get more and better work done from elsewhere.

OK, so here’s where it gets difficult. Because just saying “work from anywhere” won’t work unless you know what you’re working towards. In an autonomous working world, clear purpose, mission, and goals and objectives are important. We need to get clear on the results we are responsible for, and measure those – not the time spent attempting to achieve them.

I believe it’s time to stop worrying about where and when people work. It’s time to start thinking about what they accomplish. Who decided that 9-5 was the correct time for work, anyway? Let’s start to question the basic assumptions of work and just focus on being successful for our organizations and our customers. The work world and our lives could be much happier and engaging!

What do you think? Are we wasting too much time worrying about the wrong things?

Is time to #Reinvent Work by Scrapping it from the Traditional One !!!

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