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Human Resources

Poor Site HR

Poor Site HR

Once there was a couple never had a fight and were neighbors envy. Neighbors always thought why no fight among them… and approached the couple. Couple were clear in view and replied – from the beginning we have  made our boundaries clear. Husband take major solution and wife take Minor. Now the question is what is major and what is minor – Minor are the decision like how will be money spent, who will come who will go where will we go 

etc and major is who will be PM of India, How India play in cricket, which country President of India should visit etc. Hence there is no conflict.

Hence the Corporate HR works at Macro Level and site HR works at Micro Level. The same is

with the corporate world where we have Corporate HR and Unit HR. As we have no clarity on the role one feels I am earing child and other is dominating on me. Hence the conflict.

The organization with units at different location usually has Corporate HR and Unit HR. Corporate HR is more into Strategies, Policies, Procedures and they take decisions, which are in the interest of people at large and affecting everyone in the organization. They are involved in aligning HR with Business and more towards overall Organization Development. Site HR are more towards implementation of those policies, and maintain HR activities at unit Level.

Corporate HR looks for “Human Resources Development” and site HR is more towards “Human Resources Management“.

In short, Corporate HR is like the Pizza base and Site HR is like the mayonnaise applied on it within that framework.

Having studied more than 50 industries having Corporate HR and Site HR. it is found that the reality is something different.

  • As water flows from the top similarly the decision, as decision makers are seating at Corporate.
  • In the world of technology, having common system to share data, time and again sites are told to give provide data.
  • If we look at the Corporate HR and Site HR employee ratio, it’s always more on corporate side.
  • Near to the stores, grabs more goods – the salary ratio for the similar experience are more at corporate.
  • Due to the frequent visits of the owners at corporate, the facilities are much more than compare to the site.

Its like a Clerk dose the maximum work and gets the smaller table and officer does the lesser gets the bigger table. Site which is source of earning is always deprived and other enjoy.

Do you also feel so, if “Yes”, I am sure you are from site and if your answer is “ NO” – definitely you enjoy corporate.

With all respect to Corporate

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