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HR – Why do we do what we do

HR – Why do we do what we do

To perform the role of an HR executive we look at qualifications and educational backgrounds and we look at the good national or  global work exposure. (Later, preferred more usually)

Taking  my experience, after my Masters in Social Work, in the nascent stage of my HR career, I spent time on administration and welfare and sometimes compliance management. As far as I remember, during studies I was never taught about this. I understood how the  profession of HR  is required to work on it. With time, I started investing time on learning it.

The struggle to succeed in the field is so intense that a fresher in community feels frustrated and start loosing interest in  the profession he has seen big dreams about.

In present times, along-with Administration, new HR professional is expected to do (calling) for recruitment. Again this requires communication.  Our course doesn’t teach Communication.  Again comes struggle. ..
(However, I’d here by make it very clear that this is my personal perception about the struggle one faces according to my experience at that point of time and experience I’ve seen people giving to interns and freshers now a days. It obviously doesn’t hold true for a post-graduate from premier institutes like IIMs or XLRI.)

Friends, all above activities seems non value adding activities that’s why its  not made  a part of curriculum during graduation or post graduation. But my experience says all above activities are basics of HR and as a student we should practice theory for as much time as we can. I can now visualize value what the initial time adders to my career and as as to the careers of other HR professionals also. I can count upon that more then 70% of our time during tenure of HR profession either we do Administration related job directly or indirectly and our strength for success is communication. Life in HR with out compliance is just like Fish without water. Hence I would always advocate new comers to spent quality time to understand and practice Administration, communication and compliance.

I will be happy to read your comments on how to make administration, compliance and recruitment part of curriculum and practice which helps us to initiate journey smooth and interesting instead of frustrating.

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