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HR @ Kitli -4

HR @ Kitli -4

On 20th August 201, HR@Kitli – 4 was organized.  With the growing size of HR@Kitli members we were around more than 50 HR professionals of Ahmedabad participated.

The discussion started with a few anecdotes in form of story to set the context for today discussion.

A driver of a martyr van shifting dead body for over 20 odd years got retired and started driving a car of some individual. While the car owner was seating at the back one day instructed this driver to go left putting his hand on the driver’s shoulder, the driver gets succumb with the touch of HUMAN after continuous service of long period.

Another similar story we have seen as documentary long back.

There was a Railway station master of a small village railway station away from city. He used to stay alone having family at nearby city. He used to help village in operating school, cooperative society etc. With time, a day came of retirement. The station master shown his willingness to go back to city and spent rest of the life with family and enjoy. People in the village requested him to stay back and help village the way he was doing whereby he will keep him engaged and will earn some money out of service to village.

Station Maser shifted himself to city, stated living with family and all having a happy life. But as per habit formed, and with ample time, the retired station master started interfering in day to day routine of family and was very soon everyone in the family started hating him and unnecessary dispute got started among family members.

Ultimately, station master thought of shift back to village and wanted to work but the job was already assigned to someone. Now he has nothing but to PAINFULLY adjust with family and their routine.

Similarly, very recently we got to know from social media, where one of the senior person of corporate communication has to quiet a job from one of the know corporate based on humiliation by the CMD and his son.

Keeping all three example in mind the discussion was around what next in considering self as employee and role of HR?

Summary of discussion:

  • One should always ready with the answer if not in this profession than what and keep preparing for the same. Flexibility of profession is must.
  • As a HR we think of others development, but how much we invest on self. We invest on Laptop – do we invest on Neck- TOP. It was thought of investing atleast 5% of our income on self.
  • As a custodian of the culture of the organization – we should not allow someone to play around and required one should be ready for the consequence.
  • Create some hobby so that if nothing we can spent time doing our hobby and not interfering in others life.


Do share your views on the discussion.

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