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What is HR @ KITLI –

What is HR @ KITLI –

Hi HRians,

HR@Kitli is an event HR fraternity of Gujarat and Rajsathan wait for. We are getting lot of quarries about what is this HR@Kitli?

HR@Kitli is an initiative of HRMilestone ( to make understand Human Resource concept in a simple and in open atmosphere so that any new comer will feel comfortable. Its an informal sharing and networking initiative.

Few of the ground rules we follow at HR@Kitli are :

  • Any one from HR fraternity can join
  • Usually it is organized  on SECOND SUNDAY of the month
  • The timings are from 8:00 am to 9:30 am (+/- 30 minutes)
  • For thoughts to flow openly, it is kept in open area- no conference hall
  • NO hierarchy – there is no senior no junior we are all HR professionals. One is not supposed to disclose their Designations.
  • No predefined subject – it gives original idea. we pick up any topic of concern/ current topic etc
  • Every one encouraged to share their views and hence expected to participate.
  • We respect individual – and all the opinions are taken in right spirit.This month we will be having HR@Kitli at Four different locations on 21st Jan 2018, SUNDAY at 8:30 am. In case you are interested to join do register at  or write to
  1. Ahmedabad :, 11th Floor, Annexi Wing – Pariseema Complex Lal Banglow road- CG Road.
  2. Vadodra :  Facutly of Social Work, Fatehgunj
  3. Jaipur : Saras Parlour , Sahdev Marg, B.h Sachivalaya, opp Central Park – C Scheme
  4. Surat : Faculty of Labour Welfare, VNSGU Complex,

Do join us to spread NETWORK FOR NET WORTH

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