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What if Age of Superannuation be increased From 60 plus…?

What if Age of Superannuation be increased From 60 plus…?

The government raised the retirement age of doctors to 65 years. Doctors anyway continue to practice till the last leg of their life but from government’s perspective, it may wanted to retain the talent pool in Health Service.

It’s a growing concern for the government as more than 28 per cent of the central government employees are above 50 years of age. This implies that not only the government will lose experienced high- level personnel but it will even entail un-quantifiable costs as new recruits will require training and on-the-job skills.

If professionals such as doctors and lawyers , can continue to work for post 60, then why an’t other professionals be it an engineer, bureaucrat or a administrators do so. The official retirement age was fixed at  58 years or 60 years because at that time  the life expectancy was low. Now with better medical facilities, the life expectancy has increase by 8 to 10 years compare to earlier days, people above 60 are quite active and healthy.

As a HR Professional, its our responsibility to provide right experience, keep talent pipe line ready with Manpower cost in control. The only ways is to look it from JOB Role where we find scarcity of experience hands, aiming at the capability of the individual to perform the given role – and balance the right aging.

Actually, with the job security in Govt sector, and with socialistic view, superannuation age needs to be reduced instead of increasing beyond 60 years. whereas in private sector we all know that we need to be useful and effective to safeguard our employment. Considering this, the idea of fixing the age of superannuation doesn’t have any sense as it automatically means enduring employment. Lets not talk of Politicians which are like a OLD WINE more Value.

Its make our life more complicated when on the one side we want to retain experienced workforce and on the other side lots of new work force getting ready or waiting to join the earning pool. Maintain the balance and keeping the right aging in the organization is a challenge now a days.

Request you to share your view on RIGHT AGING….


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