Ergonomic Essentials for Remote Working

Working from home is great. The reduced time in the office and cutting out arduous commutes are reason enough to make the switch. Your personal items and the comforts of home are easily accessible. Managing employees, contacting potential clients, grabbing a quick grilled cheese sandwich, and taking immediate control of projects are all possible in your own space. This ability to increase productivity still comes with hours of effort and physical strain, however. And sometimes a mind pressed by stress, too. Much of this can be heavily influenced by your workspace. But through being mindful ergonomics, you not only create a stronger rhythm for your workflow, you also reduce stress and strain on your body. Ergonomics is an often overlooked attribute of a personal workspace. But it has become...


Hey folks! As I am in HR field I have to tackle with different kind of employee. So, here I would like to share some experienced which is common in every company: Here we go… Late comer: Let’s start with starting; some employee will always be late. Either intentionally or unintentionally; they might be hardworking or good performer or smart working but they are always being late. I regret to revel that I am one of them, I want to change it, I am trying hard for it but it happen. Jealous: OMG! If they getting good appreciation or getting enough increment or promotion but they always feel jealous about others who shall got less increment or appreciation or promoted on same designation. They do not like competitors or others who are growing. Gossiper: Hooooo… That employee must be in every co...

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