Root Cause at workplace- ANT

  Once long back there was a Lion who was an entrepreneur. He stated his business and to do the work kept few Ants. Ants either of fear or of engagement were working dedicatedly and giving result as expected. Ants used to come and go in time completing the task effectively and efficiently. One day the Lion thought that if without supervision if Ants are giving such a good result why don’t I put a Supervisor on them to get more output. Honeybee as a Production Manager was appointed to supervise the work of Ants. To show her contribution in line with the objective of Lion, Honey Bee suggested to monitor IN and OUT timing of Ants to enhance production. Lion agreed and recruited one Rabbit as HR Man to monitor IN and OUT timings of all the Ants. Looking to the work, Lion asked to have ana...

Appriciation- A Tool of Motivation

 “You don’t build a Business, You build people and then people build the business”                                                                                                    – Zig Ziglar Such a nice thought of the Zig Ziglar, is it possible that people build business? Yes, It is possible. Now days it is very common thought and we all are aware of it. Today I would like to discuss with you about the Motivation of Employee. How can we motivate employees?? By rewarding from money?? No. Money is not only a tool for motivation. The best moment of any person’s life is when he/she get appreciated. Being an Entrepreneur, Maximum result and productivity is expected from their people each time and every time. But somehow, they forget that they expecting this from their Men not from Mac...

6 Reasons To Increase Your Productivity And 5 Steps To Make It Happen

Jan 8, 2017 William Arruda Shared by Forbes The formula for productivity is total output divided by total input. When you can reduce the what it takes to create value, you benefit tremendously. Here are 6 reasons to focus on increasing your productivity. 1. The old metrics are gone. Being in the office. Face time. Showing up on time. Putting in the hours. They no longer impact the impression of great performance. The measure is more firmly linked to output. The more value you create, the more valuable you become. That means you need to understand what is valued by your organization and you must align your actions and quantify your output. 2. Reduce your stress. Does looking at your ‘do-list’ make you feel a lump in your throat or a pain in your gut? Well, everything on your do-list does no...

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