पंछी ऊँची उड़ानके

सालोंसाल उनकी सफलताभरी लम्बी उड़ानोंका एक बड़ा कारण उनकी रिक्रूटमेन्ट पद्धति होती है. वे हरकिसीको उनके समूहका सभ्य बननेके लिये आमन्त्रण नहीं देते हैं. फॉर्म भरके और फीस चुकाकर उनके समूहका सभ्य नहीं बना जा सकता.उनके साथ वे उन्हींको उड़ने देते हैं जो उनके जैसे होते हैं. जिन्हें उनके दूर देशके गन्तव्यकी भलीभांति खबर होती है उनको ही वे अपने समूहमें जुड़ने देते हैं. हर एकको गन्तव्य तकके लम्बे अन्तरकी खबर होती है. मार्गमें जगह जगह पर आनेवाले जोखिमकी खबर होती है. वहाँ पहुँचनेके लिये कितने समय और शक्ति देने पड़ेंगे उसकी खबर होती है. कितना परिश्रम करना पड़ेगा उसकी खबर होती है. उतने परिश्रमके लिये जिनके पास उतनी उर्जा और तितिक्षा – सहनशीलता होती है. सामनेसे आनेवाले पवन और हिमालयकी गिरिमाला जैसे अवरोधोंकी खबर होती है. और कभी जब अत्यन्त आवश्यकता होगी तभी पवन साथ नहीं देगा उसकी भी खबर होती है. जिनमें इतना भो...

The Birds of Long Haul Flights

What kind of the birds are we? Of that kind, which live between their holes and the feeding ground, or of that kind which fly high for long distances to achieve high and noble goals? Like those, who land on the ground following their temptation of a fistful grains, or like those who push their personal comfort and rest away, till the destination is reached! Like those who sabotage the mission by abandoning it accepting personal benefits, or dedicated to the mission! It is not a kunj if it doesn’t know the destination. It is not a kunj if it doesn’t know the route to the destination. Which likes a comfortable life in its nest in a hole is not a kunj. It is not a kunj which doesn’t gather adequate energy and strength to reach to the destination. It is not a kunj which loses patience on the m...

3 Little Genius Ways to Upgrade Your Value as an HR Professional…

A Book Review Winning Big in HR By Alan Collins

New Digital World of Work: How HR Disruptions on the Horizon???

Source: World Economic Forum’s comprehensive report

Know How to Empower Your People – Key to Transformational Leadership

Here are some posts where shared tips and strategies on leadership development The excellent book Committed Teams puts forth a ‘3×3 Framework’ for creating and maintaining a committed high performance team. ·        Saying vs. Doing Gap - YouTube with Rachael Brock Great Leadership Stems From Continuous Learning and Sharing (Oct 2014) A Mentor’s Guide: Three Tips for Leadership Development Success (August 2014) Don’t Fail Your Employees, Why Professional Development Training is Critical (July 2014) Today’s Reality: Everyone Is A Leader (June 2014)  

4 Secrets of Managing your own Manager

Attrition is considered to be a problem of Managers. The problem can be solved by coaching employees on How to Manage their Manager and play a long inning in the organization. 4 secrets of Managing a Manager guides on practical techniques of Managing a Manager

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