with More and more HR@Kitli taking place more and more people have started appreciating and joining. Let us once again understand what is it all about HR@Kitli is an event HR fraternity of Gujarat and Rajsathan wait for. We are getting lot of quarries about what is this HR@Kitli? HR@Kitli is an initiative of HRMilestone ( to make understand Human Resource concept in a simple and in open atmosphere so that any new comer will feel comfortable. Its an informal sharing and networking initiative. Few of the ground rules we follow at HR@Kitli are : Any one from HR fraternity can join Usually it is organized  on SECOND SUNDAY of the month The timings are from 8:00 am to 9:30 am (+/- 30 minutes) For thoughts to flow openly, it is kept in open area- no conference hall NO hierar...

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