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Leadership Conclave 2019 – Vadodara

We are happy to announce upcoming Leadership Conclave 2019 by HR Milestone Forum (A registered trust Under Mumbai Public Trust Act) on celebration of 9th Anniversary of forum. The theme of the conclave is Harnessing the Human Potential where prominent speakers like Swami Brahmvihariji of BAPS, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai of Author Corporate Chanakya, Shri NandKishor Chaudhary – CMD of Jaipur Rugs, Mr. Anand Pillai – MD of Leadership Matter INC., Ms. Hina Shah – Founder ICECD and Mr. P S Rathore – Leadership Trainer will share their view. Some nations have oil, some have ore, and others have rich biodiversity and farmland. But the most valuable resource at the disposal of any nation is its human talent- a resource India is abundant with. human talent is inexhaustible, but like other resources,...

HR@Kitli – 5 cities

Dear HRians, One of the most awaited initiative of HR Milestone forum HR@Kitli is here agian….. Delighted to announce that this month HR@Kitli will be organized at FIVE CITIES  on one date and time. The place for HR@Kiltli – Ahmedabad…Vadodara… Jaipur…Surat…Bangalore… HR@Kitli is an informal formate of meeting people where we all me et usually on second Sunday of the month, in the morning hours 8 am to 10 am, in an open place, with NO  designation while introduction, and discuss subject related to HR which come out at the time of introduction and is of common interest.  Be part of your own initiative for our next HR@Kitli scheduled on 13th May, Sunday – 8 am to 9:30am Ahmedabad: IIMT Studies, 10 – 11 floor , Annexi Wing, Pariseema Compl...

Social Offsite – Heritage Walk – Vadodara

Hi HRians HR Milestone as known for innovative ideas, organizing Heritage walk at Vadodara on 12th Nov 2017. The name of the walk is Killa-a- Daoultabad ( Misty yet to understand why Daoultabad). it will began from Laheripura Gate and end at Pyarelal ki kachori with taste of Kachori. Time to start will be 8.15 am and is excerpted to end at around 11.00 am. Mr Chirag Munjani will take you through the Heritage walk sharing all details what we want to know about Vadodara. You can park your vehicle some where at Music collage. Do join to understand heritage of Vadodara and network with HR fraternity. See You all on 12th Nov at 8.00 am.

HR @ KITLI – 5

Hi HRians Happy to announce that our initiative HR@ Kitli is gaining wonderful response and in the month of Sept 17 we are going to have THREE HR@Kitli happening simultaneously at Ahmedabad, Vadodoar and Jaipur on the same date. For Ahmedabad its 5th HR @ Kitli and for Vadodara and Jaipur it will be first time to enjoy the initiative. With the same support we will surly expand to new places soon… Time – 8.00 am to 9.30 am  at 1st floor, Parshwa Tower, Nr Pakwan on S G Highway – Ahmedabad Time 8.30 am to 10.00 am at Faculty of Social work, Fatehgunj – Vadodara Time 8.00 am to 9.30 am at Jaipur. Again this format is informal network to discuss complicated HR issues in a informal and open environment without any hierarchy of senior and junior. To join such event- simpl...


HI Our 4th Hr @ Kitli is on 20th August 2017 from 8.00 am to 9.30 am For those new, this is a initiative of HR Milestone forum – where we are trying to make HR Simple. We meet every Second Sunday of the month in a open space ( away from conference room or a AC chamber) , there is no agenda and the topic of discussion is evolved while discussion. There is no hierarchy, no senior no junior, in the free atmosphere one can share views to contribute HR. Ultimately Net working to enhance Net worth is the basic objective. Do join its not only HR form but a movement to bring HR at one level. See you on 20th    

Bell Curve Explained!

          A bell curve, or more specifically, a Gaussian Distribution, is a symmetric curve that is pronounced in the middle, and tapered off at the edges (it really does look like a bell). As such, the middle portion under the curve contains more area than either of the ends. The Bell Curve appraisal system is better known as the Forced Ranking Appraisal Systems of a company’s employees. Forced ranking has been defined as “a workforce management tool based on the premise that in order to develop and thrive, a company must identify its best and worst performers, then nurture the former and rehabilitate and/ or discard the latter”. It categorizes people based on their performance, rewards or penalizes them accordingly. Ranking employees is everyday practice at compa...

Emerald Club – Initiative of HR Milestone

On 22nd July, Saturday, Evening, 6 PM at  Novotel Hotel, SG Highway, Ahmedabad First meeting of Emerald Club was conducted . About 22 Members participated. Due to heavy rain and water logging, another 20 members who confirmed couldn’t make it. HR Milestone core committee members Haresh Chaturvedi, Shailesh Modi, Sanjay Dave and Neeraj Bhardwaj shared the journey of HR Milestone Forum , so far and expectations from the senior HR professionals. The need was felt in Ahmedabad to have Senior HR Professional’s network platform.  HR Milestone forum took the challenge and formed  Emerald Club where ONLY senior HR professionals will meet with fix agenda. The broad moto would be of Leadership, Learning and Mentoring to be facilitated by Emerald HR members to young HR professionals and HR frat...

HR @ Kitli -3

HR @ Kitli 1 & 2

We HR professionals usually find our self either in the AC chamber or conference hall to discuss or deliberate any issue in a formal atmosphere. With the NATURE in mind a thought came, why can’t we discuss HR issues in Open air in an informal atmosphere. “Mind is like a parachute – it works when open, but to get mind open we need space.” We had first HR @ Kitli on 13th May 2017 with 10 participant at Appna  Adda, S G High way Nr. Manan motors Ahmedabad. Though it was at first looks very discouraging but ultimately when discussion took place for almost an hour, it was so encouraging, enlighten and with lots of participation, It was discuss and decided to continue this initiative every Second Sunday of the month from 8.00 am to 9.30 am. We discussed why so thin number on Sunday morning...

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