Leadership Conclave 2019 at Vadodara

  For Registration to the Event : Some nations have oil, some have ore, and others have rich biodiversity and farmland. But the most valuable resource at the disposal of any nation is its human talent- a resource India is abundant with. human talent is inexhaustible, but like other resources, human talent must be refined and harnessed to reach its full potential. A leadership conclave 2019, organized by HR Milestone, we shall be hosting leadership talks by industry experts, community leaders, politicians, businessman discussing ways in which the leaders of today can contribute to harness the power – the human potential. The  speakers are  Shri Brahmvihari (Swami of BAPS),  Dr. Radhakrishanan Pillai- writer on Chanakya , Dr. Hina Shah – Fo...

Speaker No.# 5 at Leadership Conclave 2019

For Registraion : Get ready for a burnin’ hot experience at #LeadershipConclave2019 with PS Rathore!! A highly distinguished entrepreneur, PS Rathore is known for his high-energy leadership seminars and activities such as fire-walk that ingrain overcoming mental blocks. Sign up for Gujarat’s biggest leadership conclave happening in #Vadodara on 16th Feb. #leadership #humanresources #hr #people #speakers #entrepreneurs #hrmileatone

Speaker # 5 at Leadership Conclave 2019

For booking your seat Radhakrishnan Pillai is a teacher to his students, an author to his readers, a management trainer, consultant, and guide to his clients. Author of “The Corporate Chanakya”, Radhakrishnan Pillai has been conferred with the Sardar Patel National Award’09 for his research on Chanakya and his principles. Learn some important leadership lessons and engage in meaningful conversations with Radhakrishnan Pillai at #LeadershipConclave2019 in #Vadodara.

Leadership Conclave 2019 Speaker #2

For Registraion : In an increasingly competitive economy, the ability to create a truly entrepreneurial culture can be used as a source of competitive advantage. Meet Anand Pillai, our next speaker in line for #LeadershipConclave2019. Mr. Pillai is the Managing Director of Leadership Matters, Inc., a company focusing on building an Entrepreneurial culture in organizations. With more than 35 years of rich experience in the corporate world, he has handled challenging assignments in general management & as head of operations (from GM to CEO to CLO) in Fortune 500 companies. Immerse yourself in meaningful conversations at #LeadershipConclave2019 with world’s top leaders.

Leadership Conclave 2019: Speaker #1

For Registration : The Speaker #1, Shri Brahmavihari Swami will grace the Leadership Conclave 2019 by our forum HR Milestone on 16th Feb 2019 at Vadodara. People ask, “Why would spirituality matter in business or in the world?” But how would you transform your business into a movement if you cannot see and hear your mission clearly? Introducing our Speaker #1: Brahmavihari Swami, Head of BAPS International Media & PR He is one of the 900 sadhus at the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha led by Pramukh Swami Maharaj. He grew up in the UK, was a top scholar and was invited to Oxford for Medicine. He preferred to leave that opportunity and come to India to become a sadhu. He has been a part of the team that designed the Akshardham in Gandhinagar, Akshardham in Del...

What after Welcome, Welfare, Warfare and Farewell in 2019?

The role of HR as is said Welcome, Welfare, Warfare and Farewell. Keeping this four-basic role with the time the role will be ever-changing, with major culture, economic, sociological and technological trends impacting the way people will live in 2019. HR’s shift from a largely administrative function to a strategic business unit has been slow up until now. But that is about to change, as HR has the opportunity to take center stage and become a champion for businesses looking to keep up with the pace of these changes. HR is responsible for mitigating some of the most critical issues facing businesses today, such as hiring and retaining talent, skill development, and creating a positive employee experience in a tight labor market. Organizations adapting to the future of work are r...

Keep the child in you alive!

Today is a very special day to share some special thoughts on a topic which is closest to my heart. Have you ever tried to recall the memory which gave you most cheerfulness, pleasure and liveliness? If yes, then I am sure it was of your childhood. We were very happy at that time and that happiness comes from very minimum resources or if you remember sometimes there was no reason for our happiness. That was the real us. Who can be happy without any reason, expressed their self without worrying anything else and have no ego In the journey of life the time passes and we grow elder, lost those qualities. Life becomes such a routine that we all are busy for running behind one or other things. We have no time to pause for a moment and just think about where we want to reach? In this situation t...

Understand your Boss

Shared by Shri Adil Was addressing a Socialite Club gathering on ‘Life & Realities in the Corporate’. The ‘spirited’ group conspired & veered to argue that all problems were caused by ‘bad bosses’. In a way, I wanted to agree for that is life. But the topic covered ‘reality’ as well and thus I told them as I share … Like or Dislike …. you have to learn to manage upwards. Your boss is pivotal to your success generally and your failure, occasionally. Firstly to acknowledge … your boss has been successful in reaching the position which you have not as yet. Surely, he has something. Like it or disagree. More experience, generally more knowledge, bigger network, more power, more information and a lot more serendipity by h...

No Dirty Politics by Shri Adil

No Dirty Politics – but you cannot afford to be apolitical leader in the political eco-system of an organisation. No one in leadership roles can avoid political side of their enterprise much as you may be a champion at delivering the value-creation role that you may be appointed. All organisations exist in a political environment where decisions are made, resources are allocated, rewards are shared, careers are made and careers destroyed. To be effective, a leader cannot hunker down the power structure and claim to focus only on his work role and assignment delivery. Each successful leader has but to thus play certain political roles. Like or dislike. No choice but to play these roles effectively to be able to cope with certain organisation realities to make. Each time a senior candi...

Labour pains: Employee unrest in ‘Detroit of Asia’

The Chengalpattu-Oragadam belt has witnessed labour unrest in recent weeks over issues such as workers’ wages and the recognition of unions. Continued ferment could have implications for the State’s ability to attract investment in a highly competitive arena.   With companies like Ford, Hyundai Motor, BMW, Daimler, Renault-Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors, Yamaha Motor and Royal Enfield present, the Chengalpattu-Oragadam belt, near Chennai, has come to be known as the ‘Detroit of Asia’. In this hub that has the capacity to produce one car every 20 seconds, labour issues have begun to rear their head. In the last few weeks, workers from two-wheeler firms Yamaha and Royal Enfield and some from auto component firms have been taking to the streets to voice their concerns pertaining to issues suc...

“Every CEO should have had a run through HR before becoming one”

By  Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha Mr Johnny Taylor talks to Ms Lipi Agrawal when he was in India It’s been less than a year since Johnny C. Taylor Jr., SHRM-SCP, took over as the president and CEO of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). A practicing lawyer and a seasoned HR professional, Taylor has authored a book The Trouble with HR: An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Keeping the Best People. How is technology transforming the way we work? Are we at a stage where technology will completely disrupt the business of HR? Technology is in itself a tool. It enables us to be more efficient, productive and strategic. Take, for instance, the sheer volume one had to go through, looking at thousands of job applicants, screening, interviewing and so on, to find the best fit. The average number of da...

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