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How chatbots can improve HR communication and drive efficiency

  How much time does your HR staff spend looking for information? How much time do they spend answering the same, repetitive questions, day after day? And…how much time do your employees spend looking for information before they give up and call your overworked staff? Amidst the daily routine of attending to tasks, achieving targets, coordinating with managers and peers, your people can find it hard to get instant answers or respond to queries. This can slow down your communication and demotivate your people. Deploying a chatbot can make your HR process more efficient by handling many tasks and requests formally handled by humans. In areas where rapid communication, instant answers, and the availability of resources drive the user experience, chatbots showed great promise in removing ...

Chatbots in HR: AI for people, not robots

  Rereading Zachary Chertok’s article about artificial intelligence in human capital management reminded me of why we do what we do. Chertok explained the tug-of-war going on between Wall Street and the human capital technology market. Wall Street bases its vision of artificial intelligence on the replacement value of human labor. We in the HCM technology business seek to use AI to help humans work smarter. From the 1980s until just a few years ago, HR technology focused on making HR work more efficient. It worked. HR teams are now a tiny fraction of the size they were 30 years ago. There was a cost. For the employee who needed to use HR services, the experience changed from a face-to-face conversation with a helpful assistant to complicated self-service software. We hated i...

Are You Ready for your HR Virtual Assistant?

Are You Ready for your HR Virtual Assistant? Chatbots have arrived in HR, and we are celebrating. After three decades of chasing the user experience dream, we may finally have someone (or something) that won’t complain about doing “HR stuff.” Before we automated HR, we had armies of people who made a living doing the tedious manual work of handling employment and payroll transactions. For the employee, requesting vacation time was a matter of scratching a couple of dates on the paper form and handing it off to a supervisor, who handed off to the HR clerical staff. From the employee perspective, taking a day off meant saying “Hey Boss, I need to take my kid to the doctor on Friday,” leaving the manager and HR to handle the administrivia. The Quest for HR Efficiency The first wave of HR auto...

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