HR in Startups


  By Vinisha Panwar – Regional Service Manager HDFC Bank   If Business world is an engine, start-ups are its fuel. Business industry will be more successful if the start-ups working in the industry are capable of generating business more efficiently. The business world is transforming and the most important question which arise in such dynamically changing scenario is – Are startups ready to embrace such changes on continual basis? Dynamics of challenges faced by emerging companies have been changed. Now a days, the biggest challenge faced by the startup companies is to attract best talent and retain it. Funding is no longer a big challenge for the emerging companies especially in developed and developing nations. There are many leading startups which have faced this ...

10 common HR mistakes in StartUps — or why some companies make it and some don’t

Most of you would probably agree that hiring, maintaining and developing great people and talent is one of the toughest challenges you face when building and running a company. At the same time we all know that having the best people on the bus can sometimes decide between life and death of your company. So why do the majority of StartUps still don’t get it right? Having worked with close to a hundred startups around the globe in the past years, I’d like to share some insights on my findings with you. First of all, good news: We all face the same challenges, fish in the same talent pool and compete in the same markets, so chances to become the best are principally equal for everyone. Yet some of us seem to be much more successful when it comes to people and culture in their companies. So w...

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