When and why not to retain top Performers

It is not always wise to offer salary increments or promotions to get employees to stay on; sometimes this can be counterproductive. The most valuable assets of any company are its people, which is why the organisations try to retain the best talent with better compensation and work. It’s a fair thing to do, but how long this strategy will successfully work is something the employers need to ponder over. In order to create a highly engaged workforce that is committed to performance, retaining employees ‘at any cost’ seems a bad idea. Of course, retaining employees has its own benefits —less time and energy spent in scouting for them, no time wasted in acclimatising new joinees, and shorter honeymoon period. This is why, industry experts feel that while there is no harm in...

Performance is NOT Potential

Mr. Adil Malia – Chief Executive – The Firm, is a veteran HR professional with more than 37 years of experience in the filed of HR. He worked with various organization of reputes like Godrej  & Boyce Mfg Co, G appliance, Al- Futtaim , The Coca Cola co and Essar Group Mr Malia will help us and make it easy the difference between Performance and Potential. He will also help us with few of the easiest tools and methods to identify and work on Potential of and individual in the session – Potential Performance and Career Development in the event organized by HR Milestone Forum covering such a an important topic on  18th Feb 2018 – Anniversary Event – Kal, Aaj aur Kal – an employee life cycle. For Registration click  Strong performance and the results it c...

HIPOs: Overworked and Under-Challenged

Definition Bersin by Deloitte defines “high-potential employees” as employees who have been identified as having the potential, ability, and aspiration for successive leadership positions within the company. While this seems clear enough on its face, every organization will have its own definition—shaped by its specific needs and goals—of what effective leadership looks, sounds, and feels like Many organizations begin to create strategies for attracting, identifying, and retaining high-potential employees without first defining what high potential actually means and how to recognize it. Normally, organization should recognize 3 major components (Fig-1) while defining HIPOs which somehow not taken care by many companies. Figure-1: Components for definition of a High Potential     ...

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