Flexible Time

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flex Time

Offering more flexibile hours can boost employee satisfaction — but there are drawbacks. The 9-to-5 has been a staple for businesses for so long that you don’t even have to think about what those numbers mean; you already know. It’s a colloquialism, it’s a movie, it’s a Dolly Parton song. It’s so ubiquitous that many people don’t even question it. But what if working hours didn’t have to be set by a universal standard? What if they could be set-up to maximize the balance between life and work? This is the basic premise behind Flex Time, or the idea that workers can set their schedules around their lives. There are many different ways that a Flex Time system can work, though the most common is as follows: employees have a minimum number of hours they must work, but are allowed to start and ...

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