Kal, Aaj Aur Kal – Employee Life Cycle

Hi HRians, Our forum HR Milestone celebrate Anniversary event in the month of Feb. This year also we are going to celebrate our 8th Anniversary Event on 18th Feb 2018, SUNDAY. Our Center Theme is “Paving Road Map – HR 2k20”. we started with Redefining Employability  of Gen Y to HR Conundrum and Disruptive Role of HR by 2020. This year the Conclave Theme is on Kal, Aaj aur Kal – ‘Employee Life Cycle’ which will be sort of Workshop on Use of Social Media in Hiring – a Practical Approach : Hiring is one of the most important activity HR is involved. Most of us use Job portal and in very conventional way few of the social media platform. Here efforts will be made to give participants practical  guidance to use of various Social media for sourcing. Beha...

What is HR @ KITLI –

Hi HRians, HR@Kitli is an event HR fraternity of Gujarat and Rajsathan wait for. We are getting lot of quarries about what is this HR@Kitli? HR@Kitli is an initiative of HRMilestone ( www.hrmilestone.com) to make understand Human Resource concept in a simple and in open atmosphere so that any new comer will feel comfortable. Its an informal sharing and networking initiative. Few of the ground rules we follow at HR@Kitli are : Any one from HR fraternity can join Usually it is organized  on SECOND SUNDAY of the month The timings are from 8:00 am to 9:30 am (+/- 30 minutes) For thoughts to flow openly, it is kept in open area- no conference hall NO hierarchy – there is no senior no junior we are all HR professionals. One is not supposed to disclose their Designations. No predefined subj...

Bi Monthly HR Meet

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