Employee Cycle

How do you define a Life Cycle?  Well before we answer this question, let us understand that almost all components that exist in this universe have a life cycle. A Life Cycle is a series of stages through which something (as an individual, culture or manufactured product) passes during a lifetime. In some cases the process is slow, and the changes are gradual. We all know, human beings have various steps during their lives, such as zygote, embryo, child, and adult. The change from child to adult is slow and continuous. What are the life cycles that you know about? While we all know that there is a lifecycle for a product, even an employee in an organization passes through a life cycle.  Here is what I have learned so far. We all know that in business or product there is a cycle, i.e., Intr...


Hey folks! As I am in HR field I have to tackle with different kind of employee. So, here I would like to share some experienced which is common in every company: Here we go… Late comer: Let’s start with starting; some employee will always be late. Either intentionally or unintentionally; they might be hardworking or good performer or smart working but they are always being late. I regret to revel that I am one of them, I want to change it, I am trying hard for it but it happen. Jealous: OMG! If they getting good appreciation or getting enough increment or promotion but they always feel jealous about others who shall got less increment or appreciation or promoted on same designation. They do not like competitors or others who are growing. Gossiper: Hooooo… That employee must be in every co...

बैंगन का भरता

जिंदगी के कीमती वर्ष HR में गुजारने के बाद भी असमंजस ही रहता है की मुझे Employer की तरफ या Employee की तरफ रहना चाहीए? दोनों के बीच का बेलैंस तो दूर की ही बाद है। इसे समझने का इस कहानी से अच्छा ओर क्या तरीका हो सकता है। एक राजा था, जिसका रसोइया सीताराम था। सीताराम काफी वर्षों से राजा को अच्छे से अच्छा खाना बनाता एवं राजा का काफी करीबी माना जाता था। एक दिन सीताराम ने बैंगन का भरता बनाया । राजा उस दिन काफी खुश था । राजा ने बैंगन के भरते की काफी तारीफ की। राजा ने कहा “सीताराम, क्या भरता बनाया है” ! सीताराम ने भी बैंगन की काफी तारीफ की और कहा साहब बैगन चीज़ ही ऐसी है – गोल गोल , मोटा मोटा… फिर कुछ दिन बाद सीताराम ने वही बैंगन का भरता बनाया। वही स्वाद था । परंतु आज राजा का मन खुश न था। राजा ने कहा ” सीताराम क्या भरता बनाया है”! सीताराम ने भी बैंगन की बुराई की ...

28 Analytics Terms Every HR Professional Must Know

BY SAMPURNA MAJUMDER · PUBLISHED JANUARY 5, 2017 In present times, when we talk about hiring, recruitment and human resources, we often refer to the term ‘analytics’; to be more specific, we often refer to or come across the term HR analytics. And related to HR analytics are several other terms such as data mining, predictive analytics and so on. Nonetheless, how many of us know the exact meaning of these terms and how many words exist in the domain of HR analytics. In the following post, we will take a look at the glossary of HR analytics #1. HR analytics HR analytics refers to the application of essential data mining and business analytics techniques to talent data. It usually refers to analytics that measures performance and efficiency that matter to HR only. #2. Predictive analytics It...

Trail Walk – Ahmedabad

Will walk from Manek Burj to Manek chowk and will see fort of Ahmedabad and will have fafdaa jalebi at chanravila.

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