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Employee Engagement Optimizing Performance & Strengthening Belongingness

  Engagement is not Celebration. As the Engagement Ring is Round Which means endless or infinite and the Ring has Diamond which is Forever, similarly, Employee engagement is a continuous effort for ever.  We HR need to understand our role. With AI coming in, all the process may go away but ‘H’ of Human Resource will continue and our role is to bring employee every day to a workplace where he / she dont want to go. With the change in working of HR (Time office, personal and HR), the approach toward employee keeps changi ng. initially we used to work on employee satisfaction were there is no connect with Performance. Efforts were made to keep employee happy by providing facilities and the focus is on the HAND only. Than comes the commitment of an Employee to the organization...

4 Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to tell their management team how they’re feeling at work. That means all the positive AND negative thoughts and feelings are supposed covered in a survey lasting 100+ questions. Theoretically, this exercise leads to a perfect picture of what’s going on in the office. Are these surveys truly accurate? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Employee engagement surveys tend not to give an accurate reflection of what’s going on in the workplace. In fact, because of the way they’re usually operated — with an air of finality and aloofness — they can actually be the chief motivation behind employee disengagement, creating the very problem these surveys mean to solve. By addressing problems inherent in engagement s...

Engagement is NOT Welfare

Mr. Harjeet Khanduja – Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Jio, Harjeet is an International Speaker, Writer, Poet and a HR Leader. He has set multiple green field projects and has handled HR for large multinational organizations in various geographies including India, US & Canada. Harjeet’s experience spans a range of industry sectors that include Automotive, Manufacturing, Pharma, Alternate Energy, IT-ITES, Telecom, Healthcare and  Retail and has worked with Business Houses like Tata, Reliance and Piramal. Mr. Harjeet is going to deliver  practical, humorous and informative presentation on Engagement On our Anniversary event Kal, Aaj aur Kal – Employee Life Cycle on 18th Feb 2018 at L J Institute of Eng and Tech., S G High way – Ahmedabad   For Registrati...

Attrition, Retention & Engagement:-The BUZZ words

Three industrial buzz “Attrition, Retention & Engagement” is sensitive and abstruse to all industrial world. Few misconceptions about these words are: 1. Attrition and Retention are directly proportional to each other. 2. Retention strategy is based on attrition analysis. 3. Retention strategy is based on comparison of same & similar job grade/pay band in comparable industries. 4. Engagement activities lead to increase in productivity & retention of employees

In 2017 this is what every CEO will demand of HR by Simanta Mohanty

We have hit the last ten days of 2016 and a rum year it has been! It had all the drama, heartburn, highs and sighs that good corporate theater is all about! Now, if you are looking ahead to 2017 with the hope that it will bring a greater sense of calm and meaning into life and work, perish the thought! This is the new normal that was anticipated a decade ago. A compulsive cocktail of technological innovation, agile corporate behavior and millennial blood in the workforce has ensured that the churning is here to stay. The old will continue to give way to the new and the greatest demand on professionals will be to stay abreast of changes in an age where a single app may surface or submerge billions of dollars in business, a career may rocket on the back of a tweet or be in ruins. What do all...

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