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It is inquisitiveness that best defines what we humans are all about. We ask endless questions, the answers to which often beg still further questions. From the darting, curious, eyes of a baby only a few weeks old, to the growing child’s persistent questioning of ‘tell me why/what/when/where/how/who’ we embark on a life time’s search to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. It’s curiosity that drives brain growth. Human curiosity always tries to seek that which is unknown- to discover, evolve, improvise and reinvent. Considering the significant disruptions in this VUCA world, and its widespread ripple effect, it is evident that in order to survive, we must focus on continual improvement and development. In the field of HR, the challenges are manifold. Ranging from a globalized ...

HR MEET – Disruptive HR Roles by 2k20

“Robots could soon be hiring and firing staff at the world’s largest hedge fund under secret plans drawn up to improve efficiency.”   Our forum started thinking on various aspect of HR by 2K20 by way of organizing HR meet on Redefining Employability  of Gen Y by 2k20 followed by Paving the road map by 2k20 and last year it was Conundrum HR 2K20. With the same theme this year we are going with Disruptive Roles of HR by 2k20. During our 7th Anniversary event, this time at Shri Aurobindo Institute, Indore,on 26th Feb 2017 we are going to organize HR Meet on Disruptive Roles of HR by 2k20 and will discuss few of the subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Role of HR in Start up, Changing scenario of IR, Temporary Staffing and many more. It will be day long event. For more...

Artificial Intelligence And HR: The New Wave Of Technology

HR TECHNOLOGY OCTOBER 3, 2016 MEGHAN M. BIRO AIAI AND HRARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEHRHR TECHNOLOGYHUMAN RESOURCESTECHNOLOGY AND HR It’s no secret that I love technology. From the domination of mobile to the latest in recruitment tools and gamification, and how video and live streaming is having an impact on hiring and training—changes are afoot that many of us couldn’t have imagined 15 or so years ago. And I love it all. The reason this “tech meets HR” marriage is so exciting is how quickly the technology evolution has disrupted HR and enhanced the way HR professionals get things done. Now there’s another big disrupter on the horizon, one that you would be wise to keep your eyes on: Artificial intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence? In layman’s terms, artificial intelligence (or, AI as ...

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