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Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass ) -2

Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass ) -2

One of the new initiative our forum initiated discussion under banner of Sunday ETP (Executive Time Pass). This was second Sunday ETP and the point of discussion was:

When we put vacancy for HR and our inbox flood wit CV of experience HR professionals. Having said that The Sunday ETP – 2 is ; What is that pain HR has in his/her current work place, they are always on look out of other job?

 As CV, we have been flooded with the response to the Sunday ETP 2 on various HR groups. Few of the glimpses of the interested responses are shared here for the benefits of all.

Every HR wants to make difference in their professional world.  It’s a thankless job. But we all strive to make it better for everyone. Many a times HRs don’t take challenges in stride. Due to many issues like nonsupport from dept., Frustration of toxic management , workplace politics, not being able to move the needle etc.

The pain is nothing but dissatisfaction, non-appreciation despite doing good work. Thus HRs then instead of wasting time start to look out for change.

Few of the HR professional shared challenges like It is difficult to handle expectations of Employer & Employees, KRA for HR personal are not properly define, Lack of support from top level management, It is difficult to link work with revenue like finance & sales, In many case HR job become only monotonous and clerical type of  Job, etc.

Number of HR professionals out there and very few companies which serves the actual purpose/need of HR in their Organization. Unless the management doesn’t focus on their Human Capital, the HR cannot find himself in that organization.

There are many internal and external factors which drive the person to look for other job. There might be internal issues like an employee is not able to perform well. If an HR employee wants to do something new in HR but is unable to do at his current organization. Motivation factors where as HR is taking care of engagement of others who care for HR.

May be failure to understand our own role at best as serving employees and so many a time we fails to take critics (may not be all but max of newly stepped in professional field faces this problem)

Since HR is  aware about who is paid how much – Creates a sense of comparison and many a times mindset is created that we though with more qualification paid less than someone with lesser experience and lesser qualified than us, ignoring to focus that there are  many other factors involved in paying someone more.

There are few People who just want to get experience of different companies and work culture. And not preferring to work for more than 3 years with one organization makes HR on move from one place to other.

There are more than 13, 74,974 small scale industries where HR doesn’t exist. Which leads to lack of job to HR professionals.

Well this is a very relevant question in present context. It not only HR but this is a situation everywhere, in every company. At times we pondered over several occasion, as to why be the retention rate so low?? Is it the salary, is it the place, is it the wrong company or the wrong candidate (the most popular remark)….well..The observation and understanding says….it is the value that the company creates for its employees..

One of the most relevant solutions to the pain point shared is where HR has to Create a Credible Identity and acceptance as Professional Knowledge / Strategic Biz Partner in all HR Processes, when most of the Line Function (including Top Mgt) think & believe “Know all” about HR! Once done, rest all gets taken care of!

HR is a thankless job many say n few believe in it too !! But actually HR is a job as any other job in ORGANISATION with its role and responsibilities!!

I wouldn’t term it as pain but instead a need for recreation, creativity and the zest to do stuff in innovative ways so as to make the work life a little better and making workplace a place where they would love to go…. instead of dreading it or ENJOYING SICK LEAVE.

HR is very serious business and is the vital connect of any ORGANISATION to its employees! As the saying goes there is a slip between the cup and the lips – so is the HR theory and reality! What seems simple in theory is far more complex when implementing. HR has to be essentially a team player, trustworthy and lots of must have Patience/Endurance and positive attitude – has to think for the ORGANISATION and more so for emplo

yees. At time, managing balance between Management and Staff / workmen HR puts its dignity at stack and at t

he end fills that he/she is at loss and become Ranchhod.

Taking on the Challenges is the game….

This time we recognize contribution and participation of Ms. Neeta from our MP group as person of Sunday ETP. Congratulations Neetaji and wish your continuous support and participation to the group.

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