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Sourcing Candidate is a Basic but Headache for HR….

Sourcing Candidate is a Basic but Headache for HR….


Mr. Yusuf Pathan, founder Key Resourcing SourcePRO & Sourcing Adda with wide experience of working with companies like Ahura Technologies, arden System, OS2i and Net working Clout will be sharing with us the use of Various Social Media for Sourcing.HR Milestone Forum is covering such a an important topic on  18th Feb 2018 – Anniversary Event – Kal, Aaj aur Kal – an employee life cycle.

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Create and look from Database Most of the recruiters maintain database of candidates. As and when they want to hire someone they first refers their own data base matching the requirement.

Look within Organization

When the organization have a practice of succession planning, the recruiter often try to find the best fit from the available successor. As all the stack holder know the candidate, its easy to identify and put at the place which most of the time will be culturally fit also.

Find candidate through Reference / Network

Referral scheme for hiring seems to be the oldest but never get old technique of securing candidates. Few of the organization have formal official Employee referral scheme whereby a good amount is paid on selection of the candidate to the employee who referred.

Use of Job Portal

Everyone who is in the profession of hiring and sourcing candidate must be using one or other internal or external job portal. Here we get huge number of data base but whether this candidate are serious for change need to be checked.

Candidate through Social Media

Social media now a days has got popularity among the talent sourcing community. LinkedIn has become one of the most favored social media platform for candidate sourcing. Here the recruiter gets high quality data but it’s also true that the other social media platforms are equally effective for database.

The challenge is how many of us know how to find data base of our requirement from different social media platform

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