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Root Cause at workplace- ANT


Once long back there was a Lion who was an entrepreneur. He stated his business and to do the work kept few Ants. Ants either of fear or of engagement were working dedicatedly and giving result as expected. Ants used to come and go in time completing the task effectively and efficiently.

One day the Lion thought that if without supervision if Ants are giving such a good result why don’t I put a Supervisor on them to get more output. Honeybee as a Production Manager was appointed to supervise the work of Ants.

To show her contribution in line with the objective of Lion, Honey Bee suggested to monitor IN and OUT timing of Ants to enhance production. Lion agreed and recruited one Rabbit as HR Man to monitor IN and OUT timings of all the Ants.

Looking to the work, Lion asked to have analytics in reference to production and other activities. Honey Bee demanded for Computer, printers and operators. A Cat was appointed as IT person to give all analytical data. IT started asking for various data from Ants to provide as Cat needs to prove her worth.

Ant instead of focusing on production, started wasting time in providing data to Cat for analysis. As a result, production started coming down. Lion was given technical reason of declining production. Lion recruited a Technical expert who can help, Mentor or Coach Ant for higher production. As a result, a Technical head   – Monkey was recruited.

The Ant, who used to work and was delivering results was not comfortable and are a result her interest in the organization was and as a result decline in the Production. Lion was furious on the team for losing production and decided to hire consultant to find the Root Cause for decline in production day by day. An Owl was hired as consultant and was asked to submit report in THREE months.

Owl after three months, prepared very nice presentation with lots of data looked from different angles, supported by a thick report to lion. The conclusion was

“In your organization you have more work force which required to be relooked and its time to optimize or re duce it.”

Now tell me, on whom the Scissor of DOWNSZING is going to cut ….

Of course the ANT – the Working hand, the Contributors, the people at Plant

NB: don’t think that this is for your organization


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