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Quick Tips for Improving – Hiring Process

Quick Tips for Improving – Hiring Process
“Recruitment” is One of the complex function of Human Resources and very crucial. Being a HR Professional I perceive Recruitment is the most important function of HR because it is the work of acquiring Right People, with Right Abilities, in the Right Time. If once wrong person hired, it cost a lot to company.
Today I want to share some of my learning from my experience concerning “Recruitment & Interview Process”
Before some days, I got a chance to become a core team member for walking interviews with a prestigious company.
I concede HR person is the Ambassador of the company, who represent their company to the interviewee and they have the core responsibility to make candidate aware about the Policies, Culture, and Regulations of the company. But I found sometime in the pressure of hiring they are not able to convey all the necessary information effectively –rightly. Some of my learning areas under this important topic that how to make the interview more effectively and productively.
 1.       Transparent Communication:
Candidate become employee is the long-term relationship, so it is advisable that all communication should be transparent from both the sides. Company Vision & Mission, Profile, System and processes of the company, policies, Rules & Regulations and Job Profile should be conveying clearly so that candidate can align his future with the future of the company.
 2.       Clarion about the Non-Negotiable Standards:

Every company has its own standards and among them, some are non-negotiable standards. In any case, a company can’t compromise in this. So candidate should be very well aware of this kind of principle of the company and He/She gets the idea that they can adjust in the system or not. It would be clearer with an example that in a company there is a system of service agreement of 2 years for any joining and it is compulsory for all new joiners. But some time due to some reason this matter is not conveyed properly to the candidate, I have learned from them that how undoubtedly clear this to the candidate without thinking about them may join or not. I have learned that weather candidate may join or not but we are not supposed to change any of our Non-Negotiable standards.

3.       Interview Time is a Significant Factor:

Sometimes I found that many of interviewers take same time in a different kind of posts interview. For Example, One hour for Manager Level post interview and same for Assistant Level. Sometimes it creates a negative effect on the candidate because different level candidates have distinct skill sets. So interviewer has to be very specific and conscious for all the time taken for a different level of candidates.  Hope if every interviewer takes care of these, then definitely they get right people. It also helps make the right recruitment and decrease the employee turnover ratio.
“In Recruiting, There are no good or bad experiences – just learning Experiences!!”

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