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Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass) -1

Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass) -1

It is inquisitiveness that best defines what we humans are all about. We ask endless questions, the answers to which often beg still further questions. From the darting, curious, eyes of a baby only a few weeks old, to the growing child’s persistent questioning of ‘tell me why/what/when/where/how/who’ we embark on a life time’s search to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. It’s curiosity that drives brain growth.

Human curiosity always tries to seek that which is unknown- to discover, evolve, improvise and reinvent. Considering the significant disruptions in this VUCA world, and its widespread ripple effect, it is evident that in order to survive, we must focus on continual improvement and development.

In the field of HR, the challenges are manifold. Ranging from a globalized workforce to changing human relations interface, HR professionals are facing a multitude of new possibilities, when it comes innovation and creation.

We, as a group, tried to find what our friends think about these coming challenges. Believe me, the quality and magnitude of response that we received was overwhelming. With the help of our volunteers, we tried to collate the responses and would now like to share some unique ones with you.

We put forth a question about “The Challenges HR is going to face in the next two years”, and the few responses we received from various HR groups and tried to collate were:

·     Scarcity of skills (As per the rapid growth of Technology and the market demand),  Reskilling of existing work force, Balancing between individual and organizational goal, Linking of skill set with job profile, Creating ethical and value based environment, Employee retention, Flexi working hours, Women empowerment , diversity and inclusion, Compliance with Law and regulation, Using Big data and artificial intelligence to reshape HR, Industrial relation in new avtaar, HR Knowledge crunch, Enforcing Reservation in private companies also, Retention of top talent, Creating culture of practicing company values and engagement, Participation of HR in Bottom line management of the organization, Gamifying the HR process, Retention of Millennial and many more…..

·      Being a credible activist ( earning trust through results) is going to be challenging for those who are not passionate about contributing with their whole heart and just want to achieve results to earn money. Clarity  of our role as an HR Being an HR, we should understand that our role is more than recruitment, performance management, giving promotion and retention. Instead, work on creating happy home for individuals working in the organization.

 As we can see, from the above-mentioned responses from members, it was very difficult for us to find any one member to acknowledge, still me made it based on the active participation, involvement and suggestion to the Question of the Week let’s recognize Ms Anusha Sethiya an aspiring HR professional from Faculty of Social Work, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Congratulations Anusha……

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