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Power of One to One – The game changer

It’s a fundamental rule of management that to lead others you need to practice frequent and open communication.
It’s certainly a simple idea that sounds good, but yet so many of us don’t actually make it happen at all.

Why is having a one-hour meeting once a week so hard?

First, we know we’re supposed to have them, but aren’t always sure what makes them productive. We may err on the side of being too unstructured and loose, or have so much on our own plates that it’s not a priority.

Here are some ways to be sure that you have a strategic 121

1. Have a schedule and stick to it.

How can an unplanned meeting be more important than a planned 121 ? Generally, emergency message, unplanned meet, visit to some place are obstacles as these reasons win over and priority changes !

Think !! Was 121 a last priority ? If not, things will fall in place irrespective on any ‘excuse’.

2. Share the air.

Structure your meetings so it’s about what you need to discuss, and not a one way conversation. Good one-on-ones are a conversation, and for that to be successful you need to be receptive.

3. Be present mentally and be on time, avoid mobile phones

So many of us struggle with how to get it, and keep it, amidst so much distraction. Giving someone our full, uninterrupted presence is a gift that makes a big impact. It’s so rare, and I believe is a large part of what people mean when they say someone has “presence.” Avoid phone calls, sms, whatsapp while 121

4. Be prompt

Get a reference, give a reference – be prompt and take a lead to connect your friend. A ‘right away’ conversation will generate more reference


By Hemal Shah –

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