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Kal, Aaj Aur Kal – Employee Life Cycle

Hi HRians, Our forum HR Milestone celebrate Anniversary event in the month of Feb. This year also we are going to celebrate our 8th Anniversary Event on 18th Fe...

Understand HR Milestone Forum

  NETWORK FOR NET WORTH Vision To be the leading HR community focused on learning and development of HR fraternity. I have been an HR professional (current...

What is HR @ KITLI –

Hi HRians, HR@Kitli is an event HR fraternity of Gujarat and Rajsathan wait for. We are getting lot of quarries about what is this HR@Kitli? HR@Kitli is an init...

Social Offsite – Heritage Walk – Vadodara

Hi HRians HR Milestone as known for innovative ideas, organizing Heritage walk at Vadodara on 12th Nov 2017. The name of the walk is Killa-a- Daoultabad ( Misty...

HR @ KITLI – 5

Hi HRians Happy to announce that our initiative HR@ Kitli is gaining wonderful response and in the month of Sept 17 we are going to have THREE HR@Kitli happenin...

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How talent analytics is becoming key to HR growth

HR is gradually moving away from making gut decisions to more evidence-based dec...

Instagram: New hiring tool for companies

Firms such as Floating Canvas Company, E...

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