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When and why not to retain top Performers

It is not always wise to offer salary increments or promotions to get employees to stay on; sometimes this can be counterproductive. The most valuable assets of...

How talent analytics is becoming key to HR growth

HR is gradually moving away from making gut decisions to more evidence-based decision making. But how effectively is HR leveraging talent analytics for taking i...

Instagram: New hiring tool for companies

Firms such as Floating Canvas Company, Epsilon, and Instamojo are hiring through Instagram and companies like Schneider Electric, Starbucks and Verizon are usin...

Engagement is NOT Welfare

Mr. Harjeet Khanduja – Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Jio, Harjeet is an International Speaker, Writer, Poet and a HR Leader. He has set multi...

Performance is NOT Potential

Mr. Adil Malia – Chief Executive – The Firm, is a veteran HR professional with more than 37 years of experience in the filed of HR. He worked with v...

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Appriciation- A Tool of Motivation

 “You don’t build a Business, You build people and then people build the busines...

Poor Site HR

Once there was a couple never had a figh...

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Hello HRians!!! Hope you are doing well....

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