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HR @ Kitlt – 3

Our Third HR @ Kitli was organized on 9th July 2017 at  roof top of Divya Bhaskar Press on S G Highway Ahmedabad. As it is a informal initiative, started with f...

Ashwani Dahiya, Poonam Munshi & Neetu Wadhawan exit Cipla’s HR leadership team

  Dahiya was global chief talent officer & head of HR (corporate), Munshi was head of talent acquisition COE & employer branding and Wadhawan was h...

HR @ Kitli 1 & 2

We HR professionals usually find our self either in the AC chamber or conference hall to discuss or deliberate any issue in a formal atmosphere. With the NATURE...

गिद्धों का एक झुण्ड खाने की तलाश में भटक रहा था

गिद्धों का एक झुण्ड खाने की तलाश में भटक रहा था ।उड़ते – उड़ते वे एक टापू पे पहुँच गए। वो जगह उनके लिए स्वर्ग के समान थी। हर तरफ खाने के लिए मेंढक, मछलियाँ और समु...

Bi Monthly HR MEET

HR MEET at INDORE 26th Feb 2017

Hi HRians, Greetings to all. Hope this mail finds you in your best health and spirit. We are writing to you regarding HR Milestone’s upcoming event –...

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HR @ Kitli -4

On 20th August 201, HR@Kitli – 4 was org...

पंछी ऊँची उड़ानके

सालोंसाल उनकी सफलताभरी लम्बी उड़ानोंका एक...

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