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Employee Engagement Optimizing Performance & Strengthening Belongingness

  Engagement is not Celebration. As the Engagement Ring is Round Which means endless or infinite and the Ring has Diamond which is Forever, similarly, Empl...

Root Cause at workplace- ANT

  Once long back there was a Lion who was an entrepreneur. He stated his business and to do the work kept few Ants. Ants either of fear or of engagement we...

HR@Kitli – 8th July 2018

Hi HRains HR@Kitli time again… Delighted to witness HR@Kitli at *FIVE CITIES* since May, 2018 as per demand of HRians.. Ahmedabad…Vadodara… Ja...

“World Ocean Day”

THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR PLANET IS THE BELIEF THAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL SAVE IT. ~ ROBERT SWAN  When ever we imagine change or improvement we always think about ...

Ergonomic Essentials for Remote Working

Working from home is great. The reduced time in the office and cutting out arduous commutes are reason enough to make the switch. Your personal items and the co...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flex Time

Offering more flexibile hours can boost employee satisfaction — but there are drawbacks. The 9-to-5 has been a staple for businesses for so long that you don’t ...

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Labour pains: Employee unrest in ‘Detroit of Asia’

The Chengalpattu-Oragadam belt has witnessed labour unrest in recent weeks over ...

“Every CEO should have had a run through HR before becoming one”

By  Lipi Agrawal | HRKatha Mr Johnny Tay...

HR Garba by HR Milestone Forum

Hi HRians, The word garba comes from the...

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