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Understand your Boss

Shared by Shri Adil Was addressing a Socialite Club gathering on ‘Life & Realities in the Corporate’. The ‘spirited’ group conspired & veered to argue that all problems were caused by ‘bad bosses’. In a way, I wanted to agree for that is life. But the topic covered ‘reality’ as well and thus I told them as I share … Like or Dislike …. you have to learn to manage upwards. Your boss is pivotal to your success generally and your fa...Read More

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Speaker No.# 5 at Leadership Conclave 2019

For Registraion : Get ready for a burnin’ hot experience at #LeadershipConclave2019 with PS Rathore!! A highly distingu...

Speaker # 5 at Leadership Conclave 2019

For booking your seat Radhakrishnan Pillai is a teacher to his students, an author to his readers, a management trainer, cons...

Leadership Conclave 2019 speaker#4

For Registraion : Reports suggest that empowering women to participate in India’s economy on an equal basis to men would add ...

Leadership Conclave 2019 Speaker #3

For Registraion : India’s superpower lies right back to its roots – rural India!  Reports indicate that with...

Leadership Conclave 2019 Speaker #2

For Registraion : In an increasingly competitive economy, the ability to create a truly entrepreneurial culture can be used a...

Leadership Conclave 2019: Speaker #1

For Registration : The Speaker #1, Shri Brahmavihari Swami will grace the Leadership Conclave 2019 by our forum HR Milestone ...

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