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Hello HR, what do you do?

Every year, the way businesses operate is changing – and HR is no exception to the rule. The role of human resources has been evolving. The shift from “pe...

HR automation: Three things to remember

If the industrial revolution transformed the kind of jobs people aspired to have, a slew of new age technologies along with increasing automation today are slow...

Role of HR in Career Pathing and Development

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca It is easy to infer from the above quote that interest is whe...

HR – Why do we do what we do

To perform the role of an HR executive we look at qualifications and educational backgrounds and we look at the good national or  global work exposure. (Later, ...

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History repeats : Learn from it

ऐसा कहते हैं कि इतिहास दोहराता है क्योंकि हम इतिहास से कुछ सिखते नहीं है। एक बार...

High Court Confirms Life Term to Union Leaders

  Seven years after the murder of t...

Employees at the Renault Nissan will get highest pay increase the auto industry

CHENNAI: Employees at the Renault Nissan...

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