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Not a Workplace. A Wow Place!

The Dawn of the Great Work Place Era

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire To Take Action

A Book Review - Start With Why By Simon Seek

Wellness at Work

Wellness@Work Conference - The Wellness Show

An Effective Leader is an Ethical Leader

Become a better, more informed leader by devouring these inspiring and use this wonderful book as a guide on your ethical leadership journey from the foreword b...

Women Empowerment – Lets’ Break through It

A Thought on Women Empowering

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Skills Development

Lead To +Imagination +Creativity +Empathy +Innovation =Value Creation

Discover and Connect with the Human Resource Ecosystem


HR @ Kitlt – 3

Our Third HR @ Kitli was organized on 9th July 2017 at  roof top of Divya Bhaska...

HR @ Kitli 1 & 2

We HR professionals usually find our sel...

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