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New Digital World of Work: How HR Disruptions on the Horizon???

Source: World Economic Forum’s comprehensive report

Game Changers: Attitude, Sportsmanship & Leadership

Olympic Olympians 2016 Inspirers & Aspirers

Know How to Empower Your People – Key to Transformational Leadership

Here are some posts where shared tips and strategies on leadership development The excellent book Committed Teams puts forth a ‘3×3 Framework’ for creating and ...

Your Money: The Missing Manual!

A Book Review Your Money: The Missing Manual!

Open Culture & Hierarchy less Work

An open and shut model I Danniel Tenner

Not a Workplace. A Wow Place!

The Dawn of the Great Work Place Era

Discover and Connect with the Human Resource Ecosystem


समय के आगे….

आप सभी ने टोपीवाला और बन्दर की कहानी सुनी होगी। आज कुछ आगे क्या हुआ उसे पढें। दो...

History repeats : Learn from it

ऐसा कहते हैं कि इतिहास दोहराता है क्योंक...

High Court Confirms Life Term to Union Leaders

  Seven years after the murder of t...

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