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Mindfulness practices for Modern Workplace

Mindfulness practices for Modern Workplace

Today the workplaces have become a stress zones. Employees are now addicted to tea, coffee, smoking etc just to ease out stress.

Hence it is high time to incorporate mindfulness practices at workplace to help one’s employees to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

A few practices are as under –

1 Creation of special zone/ corner to help employees to manage and deal with difficult emotions such as –

a) A corner where powerful mantras such as
Maha Mrityunjay jaap, Gayatri mantra can be played on speakers to infuse positivity.

b) A corner where affirmations of Louise Hay or affirmative songs may be played. Headphones may be made available. Colouring books on mandala or affirmations along with colours may also be kept to ease out stress of employees.

Both a) and b) corner or zones may be created in an open space amidst nature with greenery all around with sunlight pouring in as Sun is the major source of positivity and walking barefoot on the grass or hugging a tree is best way to ground oneself and get rid of negativity.

c) Mirror Work Zone – A closed area surrounded by mirrors on all sides to encourage self talk and practicing affirmations using mirror work techniques.
Poster of Affirmations could also be stuck on some mirrors such as All is well in my world, I love and accept myself exactly as I am, I am safe and I trust the process of Life etc.

d) Calm down zone – Punching bags or pillows may be made available to take out all kind of anger be it on internal or external customer. This zone should be closed and sound proof.

2 Some positive uplifting music such as Krishna flute, Gayatri mantra instrumental or sound of waves at the beach may be played in the corridors or in the department at slow volume.

3 In each dept. diffusers may be kept as essential oils are healing in nature and may help to calm, relax and rejuvenate the people around.

4 HRs may shoot daily mailers or broadcast messages on watsapp on all 365 days as under –

a) Time for counting blessing – Today I am grateful to ——– for ——
( HR may mention daily different area/ people/ things to be grateful for)

b) Time for Self Love / Self Appreciation

I admire —– quality in myself.

Hope these practices may help your organisation a better place to work for your employees.

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