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Leadership Conclave 2019

Leadership Conclave 2019

Leadership Conclave 2019 on Harnessing Human Potential was organized by Our own forum HR Milestone on 16th Feb 2019. It was a whole day program focusing on Harnessing human potential and bringing back the Human in HR back in the play. Various speaker from different segment shared the view and was ended with Dance, fun and Fire Walk.

The event started with prayer ( Hum ko maan ki shakti de ) which is most relevant to HR, Two minute silence observed mourning the soldiers died in Pulwama terror attack. Celebration with cake cutting on the occasion of 9th Anniversary of the forum and ended with FIRE Walk.

The Glimpses are as under

Brahmavihari Swami, Spiritual Leader

A surprisingly amazing session with spiritual touch for harmonizing human potential. Many important than one. Mindfulness produces magic. Work becomes pleasure. From elsewhere to your own self. As suggested by him instead of Harnessing it should be Harmonizing human Potential.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary Chairman & Managing Director, Jaipur Rugs

Knowledge with Practice would do wonders, Relationships most important, Deeper understanding of Business and the Human. Working with more than 40000 rural women making export quality of rugs, and the example of empowerment i.e they only finalize the design part also.

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Author & Leadership Coach

The Chanakya Way….. Leadership Process in an amazing way from Identifying who you are till Exit on the right time.

Anand Pillai, MD Leadership Matters Inc.

Talking about Entrepreneurship Excellence means being your best rather than being the best. Principal of Maximum Effort – match your practice with your potentials. EU Stress. Passion to Excel, Ownership mindset, Managing ambiguity and Detailed orientation. #KKDS Karke Dikhao Saala

And it’s said that you save the best for the last. All who left early may only see the videos.

Prof P S Rathore, Leadership Trainer

Shiva and Shakti, your right and left. Fire, Wind, Sky, Earth, Water. You are energy. Creating energy through dance. And the Finale of Walk on Fire. Later feeling of being lighter.

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