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Keep the child in you alive!

Keep the child in you alive!

Today is a very special day to share some special thoughts on a topic which is closest to my heart.

Have you ever tried to recall the memory which gave you most cheerfulness, pleasure and liveliness? If yes, then I am sure it was of your childhood.

We were very happy at that time and that happiness comes from very minimum resources or if you remember sometimes there was no reason for our happiness. That was the real us. Who can be happy without any reason, expressed their self without worrying anything else and have no ego

In the journey of life the time passes and we grow elder, lost those qualities. Life becomes such a routine that we all are busy for running behind one or other things. We have no time to pause for a moment and just think about where we want to reach? In this situation today I want to share some of the qualities which if we continue in our life than we also become as happy as a child.

  1. Being Happy With No Reason:

Have you remembered the last time when you become very happy or feel cheerful? As we grow up we forget to be happy, we postponed our happiness in finding some reasons and when we find that we postponed it for the other reason, now we want strong reason to be happy. If I am a student and got first number then I think that if I will get good job then I will be happy, after getting good job I thought if a find a suitable life partner then I will be happy, and so and so….We develop habit of postponing our happiness. In my first blog as I share the same thought that don’t depend on any person or situation for your happiness. Be a child –be happy without any reason.

  1. Expressed yourself:

As we grown up, we have the fear of what others think and say about us. One of my favorite speaker Sandeep Maheshwari says that “सबसे बड़ा रोग क्या कहेंगे लोग” We even never expressed our self in this fear. Just remember the childhood, have you ever think about the other people’s judgment about yourself? The answer is simply NO. Then why now?  One of my favorite Gujarati sentence I would like to share in this regards, “જો બીજા લોકો શું વિચારશે એ પણ તમે જ વિચારશો તો એ લોકો શું કરશે? So expressed you without any fear. Always be what you are.

  1. To Love & To Forgive:

When I was a child, I recall that I quarreled with my friends told them not to talk with me ever and in the very next minute we are together again. I couldn’t manage that distance from my friends or with family members. And I am sure that was the scene of all yours. And now think about the same situation. Can we easily forgive anyone?  Can we love anyone without any condition? I don’t need to answer, we all know that. Why we couldn’t behave the same as our childhood? Because of our Ego. We couldn’t forgive anyone as easily as we do as a child. Sometimes we show off that we forgive someone and make same good relationship but in our mind the same thing exist. We couldn’t forget.

  1. Don’t Worry about Tomorrow:

When we are children we live in presence, enjoy each and every moment of life in short if I say we live our life, And now just our life pass on. We are carring such a huge bundle of worries for our tomorrow that we forget to live in presence. Forget to enjoy the present moment and as I said in the first topic that we have develop the habit of postponing our happiness.

So be Happy today, Enjoy your life –Live every moment of your life and express yourself, develop unconditional relationship and celebrate this children’s day with a child within you.

Happy Children’s to you all…

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