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Kaira’s Inner Word, discovered by Dr. Jehangir Khan – Dear Zindagi from the NLP lens

Kaira’s Inner Word, discovered by Dr. Jehangir Khan – Dear Zindagi from the NLP lens

Words are the Reflections of your Inner World

‘Words’ – How do you define the word ‘word’? A functional definition can be given. Words are used to communicate with others or sometimes with self. Words are used to express what we feel, describe what’s inside us, explain what we perceive and make something out of those experiences. Words act like little windows, peeping into our inside world. They are the reflections of our inner world. That is how we relate to the outer world and express what we feel.

One such word, ‘safe’ helps Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) to enter the inner world of Kiara (Alia Bhatt). And he asks her further ‘kis se darr lagta hai tumhe, Kaira?’ She feels ‘safe’ with her friends but with her love relations and boyfriends, she fears to go through the pain of being lonely, left out and abandoned again. Somewhere experiences of our past can have a very big impact on our present without us even realising about it.

There were many examples in the movie that reflect Kaira’s inner world through words. When talks about her weird dream to Dr. Khan, she mentions about ‘short and strange’ construction workers. And Dr. Khan very wisely picks up at her words and points out ‘toh tumhe tall and handsome ladke pasand hai.’

In another scene, Kaira shivers while sharing her decision about her latest ‘kursi’ Rumi. Dr Khan observes that change in her physiology and her behaviour and says ‘insaan shiver tabhi karta hai jab usse kisi cheez ka darr ho ya thand lage’

After all these instances, Kaira is left in a confused state or more of a closed state which is clearly observed by the sensory acuity or her facial expressions. So what we perceive inside is what we project out. Otherwise how would we know what is going on? When Kaira narrates her ‘best friend’s’ problem to Dr. Khan, she fumbles, has a shiver in her voice, a clear sign of confusion and distress. All of this, as she narrates the story, points at her own inner world.

Words are very powerful. They create a world for us. Each word that we think and speak influences us first and then others. A change in one word can make a huge difference in the whole sentence and its understanding. Many instances in the movie words were used to express feelings, fears and solutions.

  • Kursi

Dr Khan. talks about how people who were involved in alot of love relations are smart and wise to try on each kursi and look for that one kursi that they want to spend their lives with.

  • Mt Everest

This particular metaphor is rather an interesting one. Here he narrates a story about how a man dreamt about climbing up Mt Everest but wasn’t really ready and went on with a Chinese group. In the end the man is eaten by a snow leopard because he was not aware of the danger. What he meant by this particular story was that sometimes in life the difficult way is not the only way, sometimes the easy ways are the better ways to deal with situations. So why take a difficult path where you aren’t really prepared for it?

  • Pasta sauce – Raguu

In the movie they show a pasta sauce bottle names Raguu, which is the name of her love relation. After being heartbroken she smashes the sauce bottles.

As an NLP Trainer, there were so many instances where NLP is portrayed. When she meets Dr. Khan for the first time, the way Dr. Khan talks to her. The way he handles her when she cried after her story. NLP was all over the movie. Overall, the movie was a very relatable one and a must watch. It portrays lives of many girls and boys. Why they behave in a certain way, what makes them the way they are. Every behaviour of a person has a story behind it. Good or bad? We are not to judge. Let’s make lives around us better. Think before you act, think about the person why he/she might’ve behaved that way. There is always a reason. Be thoughtful enough to understand and Love Zindagi.

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