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HR @ Kitlt – 3

HR @ Kitlt – 3
Our Third HR @ Kitli was organized on 9th July 2017 at  roof top of Divya Bhaskar Press on S G Highway Ahmedabad. As it is a informal initiative, started with few of the selfies with friends and with expectation of  rain to enjoy hot Bhajiya and Dalwada by host.
Discussion was around out bond training including “walking on the FIRE”  from where we catch the thread that HR always find walking on the fire and tried to analyse the recent incidence of Mahindra where Top most authorities have to apologize for the reason that may be the HR executive could not handle the process of PINK SLIP.
Various HRians has shared their views with limited information which was available ( not knowing what must have cropped behind the curtain) :
• There might be undisclosed matter behind the particular clip which is not known to us.
• HR could be on a TASK ON COMPULSION.
• Even if its compulsion, HR can talk without empathy, sensitivity.
• HR to be buffer….not to pass on the decision in rough or mechanical way.
• A  chance to speak or to be heard …should  be given to employee which could give little ease/relief at employee. HR might be able to explain/share the details with little calmness.
• HR herself could be in tension/frustrated/not convinced with the decision and  being helpless, may be unable to control self frustration.
• As clip gets viral, top authority has to apologize in the interest of organization and to show the world the care top management taking for their employees.
Concussion with limited information was to be empathetic, with detailed information and as far as possible such conversation should be done one to one and if wrong HR should stand on the right decision and should not be treated as doormat.
Do share your views on the issue

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