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Glimpse of HR Conclave 2018 organized by HR Milestone

Glimpse of HR Conclave 2018 organized by HR Milestone

“Great knowledge comes with great experience”

Before human resource, we are human being. And being a human being, we invest where we get

There are few investment which give temporary return, and others give lifetime return, that
investment is called an opportunity.

The center theme of HR Milestone is “Paving Road Map – HR 2k20” 

Today, I grabbed an opportunity to attend HR Conclave organized by HR Milestone on occasion of 8th Anniversary where HRs from different companies and places came together to gain knowledge on Employee Life Cycle “Kal Aaj aur Kal”.

And of course, when you stepped out after attending such a great conclave where speakers share their numerous years of experience, you never leave with empty hands.

The program was started with facilitation by Mr. Bhavesh Upadhyay, who shared his experience bysaying “to become a great HR, you first have to understand a business.”


The program was followed by Mr. Yusuf Pathan where he showed importance of Sourcing through Social Media. Of course, gone are the days when we used to share an opening on blackboard somewhere on road or a small advertisement in newspaper. In digital world today, social media has become a great platform to find a right talent and what are the tools to find that right talent when they are invisible on job portals.

HR has lot more to do than just asking questions that begin with “tell me something about yourself’
and “we will get back to you soon”. So what exactly HR people do in interview between these two
things ? We study behavior of the candidate. To know, whether a candidate is right talent for the
organization, you have to judge him with his past experience and job. We dig deep more into a person
which resume does not reflect. Mr. Anand Diwan, a man with healthy years of experience shared how
to do behavioral interview if you want right talent in your organization with the topic “Behavior Based
Interview Skill”.

The session was followed by Mr. Adil Malia on “Career Development and Potential Performance”.  So
rightly he said that you just cannot develop a career of a person without knowing his skills, experience and knowledge. It takes numerus efforts to judge a person when it comes to the career development and promotion of your employees.

Last but not least, employee engagement is not just an activity for the organization, it is a way to engage your employees in an organization with the purpose. When employees feel being valued and having purpose in an organization, they are more likely to retain in an organization and money becomes secondary part for them. Mr. Harjeet Khanduja explained the complex topic “Engagement is not welfare” with such a great case studies. The importance of Employee Engagement cannot be 
described, but the outcome is still plays an important role for the organization.

A great thanks to all the speakers, for sharing such a valuable information where it gives a sunlight on
role of HR on coming years. Yes, only change is constant and we have to adapt it to make this world better. Thank you HR Milestone for successfully organizing this event, looking forward to stay connected.

Congratulation for successfully completing 8 years, many more success and achievements to come.

– Shreya Parikh

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