Technostress and its Coping Mechanisam

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    “Technostress” is the buzz word in the digital era. It is basically technology-induced stress. The digitalization of job such as work from home, virtual teams, portals, blogs, intranet, computer operated production system and so on. It makes the boundary between work and life very blurred or we can say now there are no such boundaries. This might be the reason of technostress along with the feeling of job insecurities, fear of learning new things, etc. and it will result into physiological, behavioural and psychological strains among individuals. In such cases, HR professionals have the responsibilities to help individuals to deal with such kind of stress. Some coping mechanisms we offer to the employees are training, help desk, formation of IT Cader or committee, etc. Are your employees also experienced technostress? what are the coping mechanisms your companies have offered to deal with such stress?

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