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Employee Engagement Optimizing Performance & Strengthening Belongingness

Employee Engagement  Optimizing Performance & Strengthening Belongingness


Engagement is not Celebration. As the Engagement Ring is Round Which means endless or infinite and the Ring has Diamond which is Forever, similarly, Employee engagement is a continuous effort for ever. 

We HR need to understand our role. With AI coming in, all the process may go away but ‘H’ of Human Resource will continue and our role is to bring employee every day to a workplace where he / she dont want to go.

With the change in working of HR (Time office, personal and HR), the approach toward employee keeps changi

ng. initially we used to work on employee satisfaction were there is no connect with Performance. Efforts were made to keep employee happy by providing facilities and the focus is on the HAND only. Than comes the commitment of an Employee to the organization and the focus is on return for Job and Job for Life. Here with HAND we added BRAIN. Now we moved to People for Profit – where employee to be Passionate, Drivers & have strong impact on Company issues, Add value to the organizational goal.  in all TRUST is the key driver.

To achieve Employee satisfaction, ONE as a organizational culture we need to develop – Sense of Identity, Sense of Importance and Culture of Growth and Learning. Second, on Individual level, we need to answer why an individual  Don’t like his/ her Job. 

Once Employee know WHY I am here, What to do and How to do would be interesting, late coming, early going and ‘ Enjoying Sick Leave’ will not be an issue.


Below it the link of PPT presented at Vadodara HR forum on 21st July 2018. Click on the below link you will be sent to other page where to open ppt click employee engagement you will be taken to ppt.

Employee engagement

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