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Emerald club / Emerald Club

Emerald Club – Initiative of HR Milestone

Emerald Club – Initiative of HR Milestone

On 22nd July, Saturday, Evening, 6 PM at  Novotel Hotel, SG Highway, Ahmedabad First meeting of Emerald Club was conducted . About 22 Members participated. Due to heavy rain and water logging, another 20 members who confirmed couldn’t make it.

HR Milestone core committee members Haresh Chaturvedi, Shailesh Modi, Sanjay Dave and Neeraj Bhardwaj shared the journey of HR Milestone Forum , so far and expectations from the senior HR professionals.

The need was felt in Ahmedabad to have Senior HR Professional’s network platform.  HR Milestone forum took the challenge and formed  Emerald Club where ONLY senior HR professionals will meet with fix agenda. The broad moto would be of Leadership, Learning and Mentoring to be facilitated by Emerald HR members to young HR professionals and HR fraternity , Organizations and Society as whole.

Initially such group meeting of the Emerald club will be organized Quarterly.

We invited  Mr AKira Furumoto from B Con Japan and Indian counter part Dr. Manoj Onkar to enrich us with 3 important IPRs of BCon

  • ITS – Innovative Thinking System
  • LIFO – Life Orientation – strength based strategies for communication, team work and more.
  • THE – The Human Element – An integrated solution to the human issues in organizations.






We expect all your support to make this initiative a success.

Do write to us your valuable suggestions / advise to take it forward


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