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Hey folks!

As I am in HR field I have to tackle with different kind of employee.

So, here I would like to share some experienced which is common in every company:

Here we go…

Late comer:

Let’s start with starting; some employee will always be late. Either intentionally or unintentionally; they might be hardworking or good performer or smart working but they are always being late. I regret to revel that I am one of them, I want to change it, I am trying hard for it but it happen.


OMG! If they getting good appreciation or getting enough increment or promotion but they always feel jealous about others who shall got less increment or appreciation or promoted on same designation.

They do not like competitors or others who are growing.


Hooooo… That employee must be in every company who are gossiping about all others, they are eager to know about others life either personal or professional. They are wasting their time and others.


Some of them are always focus on competition. They are much active about their work target and dreams and try hard to achieve it.

Free adviser

Uff they are so irritating. They will be always by your side for giving you a FREE ADVICE either you need it or not.


Damn… they think they are good for nothing. So negative so frustrating, judge the entire thing according them. Just think dude if you are not good enough than your company must fired you long ago.


God bless them! These people are so greedy. They can do anything to achieve their goal. Even they can harm company other employee or their self as well.

Never satisfied

These employees never satisfied with company’s facility & policy. They always need much more than company gives. It should be leave or increment or any other facility

Always happy

Some employees are energetic and happy. They always do work happily.

So if you are working somewhere as a employee just look at yourself and decide what kind of employee you are and enjoying your work.

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