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Changing Face ( PHASE ) of IR

Changing Face ( PHASE ) of IR

In the VUCA world, where every thing moving is getting changed to new shape. Industrial Relation, one of the core vertical of  Human Relations, is also coming out in a new shape.

We are as said are in Kal- yug – and change has taken place with yug also. In Satyug the fight was between TWO planets – Devta ( Aakash lok ) and Danava ( Patal lok) , In treta yug – the fight was between two Nation ( Ram and Ravan). In Dwapar, the fight was between Two Families and now in Kal yug, the fight is within self.

With time, there is a change in Industry and will continue to change, there is a change in Relationship and Industrial Relation has changed and will continue to change in future also.  Such change will bring change in the nature of conflict. and its resolution pattern.

We at IR needs to watch changing face of IR to keep our-self updated with understanding of Changing Phase of IR.

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