Hey folks! As I am in HR field I have to tackle with different kind of employee. So, here I would like to share some experienced which is common in every company: Here we go… Late comer: Let’s start with starting; some employee will always be late. Either intentionally or unintentionally; they might be hardworking or good performer or smart working but they are always being late. I regret to revel that I am one of them, I want to change it, I am trying hard for it but it happen. Jealous: OMG! If they getting good appreciation or getting enough increment or promotion but they always feel jealous about others who shall got less increment or appreciation or promoted on same designation. They do not like competitors or others who are growing. Gossiper: Hooooo… That employee must be in every co...

Attrition, Retention & Engagement:-The BUZZ words

Three industrial buzz “Attrition, Retention & Engagement” is sensitive and abstruse to all industrial world. Few misconceptions about these words are: 1. Attrition and Retention are directly proportional to each other. 2. Retention strategy is based on attrition analysis. 3. Retention strategy is based on comparison of same & similar job grade/pay band in comparable industries. 4. Engagement activities lead to increase in productivity & retention of employees

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Skills Development

Lead To +Imagination +Creativity +Empathy +Innovation =Value Creation

Strong Leaders Listen, Learn, then Lead!

A Thought on Listen Learn Lead - Key Success Factors Towards Life

What if Age of Superannuation be increased From 60 plus…?

The government raised the retirement age of doctors to 65 years. Doctors anyway continue to practice till the last leg of their life but from government’s perspective, it may wanted to retain the talent pool in Health Service. It’s a growing concern for the government as more than 28 per cent of the central government employees are above 50 years of age. This implies that not only the government will lose experienced high- level personnel but it will even entail un-quantifiable costs as new recruits will require training and on-the-job skills. If professionals such as doctors and lawyers , can continue to work for post 60, then why an’t other professionals be it an engineer, bureaucrat or a administrators do so. The official retirement age was fixed at  58 years or 60 years because at that...


Wrote by T Muralidharan, An Expert’s Guide to Your First Right Job —  highlights the significance of knowing one’s identity, finding the right business, picking the right first manager and other such essential choices identified with one’s profession. The right first occupation Numerous effective experts have experienced a stage when they have addressed themselves – Am I in the right employment? This acknowledgment frequently ends up being the defining moment of their’ vocation gave it comes in right off the bat in their expert trip. Individuals frequently wish for a coach, who could help them discover the way. Here is a book for the individuals who need to kick off their profession or are attempting to give a bearing to their vocation. Composed by T Muralidharan, a...

Hello HR, what do you do?

Every year, the way businesses operate is changing – and HR is no exception to the rule. The role of human resources has been evolving. The shift from “personnel” to “human resources,” for example, was part of the movement to acknowledge the value of employees as an organizational resource. A multifaceted approach delivering HR services that meets the needs of both employees and employers, and positions HR as a significant contributor to organizational success and should be responsible: strategy execution, administrative efficiency, employee contribution, and capacity for change. In order to play this role, however, HR will have to increase its real and perceived value with the coming years’ ahead. HR’s role in 2015 The research showed that many companies’ HR depart...

HR automation: Three things to remember

If the industrial revolution transformed the kind of jobs people aspired to have, a slew of new age technologies along with increasing automation today are slowly driving a similar transformation in many facets of the businesses. In the last few decades alone, the rise of digital disruptors has changed the way industries operate and the way business is conducted. But this has taken a completely bearing on the HR processes. In the context of HR, the features that earlier saw automation included administrative processes like payroll, benefits and time management. However, the phenomenon of automation is now moving towards more advanced processes including job performance analysis, management of employee referrals and assessing internal employee social networks. Companies are now taking advan...

Role of HR in Career Pathing and Development

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca It is easy to infer from the above quote that interest is where one’s success lies. The more difficult part albeit is to find that interest. The “mobile first cloud first” era of communication that we live in, is changing the way we do business – you possibly couldn’t have imagined a mobile based messaging app being valued at USD 16 billion. And this is where the traditional borders of job-roles have become hazy. New avenues have opened up for employees to create impact, new branches of value creation are shooting out from the traditional value chains. Defining a manager for e.g. as the traditional task master who delegates responsibility and accounts for productivity of a certain subordinate...

HR – Why do we do what we do

To perform the role of an HR executive we look at qualifications and educational backgrounds and we look at the good national or  global work exposure. (Later, preferred more usually) Taking  my experience, after my Masters in Social Work, in the nascent stage of my HR career, I spent time on administration and welfare and sometimes compliance management. As far as I remember, during studies I was never taught about this. I understood how the  profession of HR  is required to work on it. With time, I started investing time on learning it. The struggle to succeed in the field is so intense that a fresher in community feels frustrated and start loosing interest in  the profession he has seen big dreams about. In present times, along-with Administration, new HR professional is expected to do ...

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