Sunday ETP

Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass ) -2

One of the new initiative our forum initiated discussion under banner of Sunday ETP (Executive Time Pass). This was second Sunday ETP and the point of discussion was: When we put vacancy for HR and our inbox flood wit CV of experience HR professionals. Having said that The Sunday ETP – 2 is ; What is that pain HR has in his/her current work place, they are always on look out of other job?  As CV, we have been flooded with the response to the Sunday ETP 2 on various HR groups. Few of the glimpses of the interested responses are shared here for the benefits of all. Every HR wants to make difference in their professional world.  It’s a thankless job. But we all strive to make it better for everyone. Many a times HRs don’t take challenges in stride. Due to many issues like nonsuppo...

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