Innovation/Disruption – Railways to earn

“The basic principle on which any commercial establishment is to be run is that consumers must pay for the services they receive,” Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitly said recently. The Indian Railways is currently looking at mounting losses mainly due to subsidized fare that we all enjoy. How long this would last is the major question we all have to wait for answer. Such dilemma prevails where Organization is caught in the war where populism prevailed over Performance. The platform initiative shows, it’s heartening to see that the Railways is looking at other sources of income before passing the buck to the customers. Indian railways are place for scenes of great passion. Various movies have stories around railway stations be it Pakeezah, or DDLJ or Chennai Express etc. Taking from such a g...

In 2017 this is what every CEO will demand of HR by Simanta Mohanty

We have hit the last ten days of 2016 and a rum year it has been! It had all the drama, heartburn, highs and sighs that good corporate theater is all about! Now, if you are looking ahead to 2017 with the hope that it will bring a greater sense of calm and meaning into life and work, perish the thought! This is the new normal that was anticipated a decade ago. A compulsive cocktail of technological innovation, agile corporate behavior and millennial blood in the workforce has ensured that the churning is here to stay. The old will continue to give way to the new and the greatest demand on professionals will be to stay abreast of changes in an age where a single app may surface or submerge billions of dollars in business, a career may rocket on the back of a tweet or be in ruins. What do all...

Kaira’s Inner Word, discovered by Dr. Jehangir Khan – Dear Zindagi from the NLP lens

Words are the Reflections of your Inner World. Words are used to communicate with others or sometimes with self. Words are used to express what we feel, describe what’s inside us, explain what we perceive and make something out of those experiences. Words act like little windows, peeping into our inside world. Words are very powerful. They create a world for us. Each word that we think and speak influences us first and then others. A change in one word can make a huge difference in the whole sentence and its understanding. Every behaviour of a person has a story behind it. Good or bad? We are not to judge. Let’s make lives around us better. Think before you act, think about the person why he/she might’ve behaved that way. There is always a reason. Be thoughtful enough to understand and Lov...

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