Employee Cycle

How do you define a Life Cycle?  Well before we answer this question, let us understand that almost all components that exist in this universe have a life cycle. A Life Cycle is a series of stages through which something (as an individual, culture or manufactured product) passes during a lifetime. In some cases the process is slow, and the changes are gradual. We all know, human beings have various steps during their lives, such as zygote, embryo, child, and adult. The change from child to adult is slow and continuous. What are the life cycles that you know about? While we all know that there is a lifecycle for a product, even an employee in an organization passes through a life cycle.  Here is what I have learned so far. We all know that in business or product there is a cycle, i.e., Intr...

Appriciation- A Tool of Motivation

 “You don’t build a Business, You build people and then people build the business”                                                                                                    – Zig Ziglar Such a nice thought of the Zig Ziglar, is it possible that people build business? Yes, It is possible. Now days it is very common thought and we all are aware of it. Today I would like to discuss with you about the Motivation of Employee. How can we motivate employees?? By rewarding from money?? No. Money is not only a tool for motivation. The best moment of any person’s life is when he/she get appreciated. Being an Entrepreneur, Maximum result and productivity is expected from their people each time and every time. But somehow, they forget that they expecting this from their Men not from Mac...

Sunday ETP ( Executive Time Pass) -1

It is inquisitiveness that best defines what we humans are all about. We ask endless questions, the answers to which often beg still further questions. From the darting, curious, eyes of a baby only a few weeks old, to the growing child’s persistent questioning of ‘tell me why/what/when/where/how/who’ we embark on a life time’s search to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. It’s curiosity that drives brain growth. Human curiosity always tries to seek that which is unknown- to discover, evolve, improvise and reinvent. Considering the significant disruptions in this VUCA world, and its widespread ripple effect, it is evident that in order to survive, we must focus on continual improvement and development. In the field of HR, the challenges are manifold. Ranging from a globalized ...


Hey folks! As I am in HR field I have to tackle with different kind of employee. So, here I would like to share some experienced which is common in every company: Here we go… Late comer: Let’s start with starting; some employee will always be late. Either intentionally or unintentionally; they might be hardworking or good performer or smart working but they are always being late. I regret to revel that I am one of them, I want to change it, I am trying hard for it but it happen. Jealous: OMG! If they getting good appreciation or getting enough increment or promotion but they always feel jealous about others who shall got less increment or appreciation or promoted on same designation. They do not like competitors or others who are growing. Gossiper: Hooooo… That employee must be in every co...

Attrition, Retention & Engagement:-The BUZZ words

Three industrial buzz “Attrition, Retention & Engagement” is sensitive and abstruse to all industrial world. Few misconceptions about these words are: 1. Attrition and Retention are directly proportional to each other. 2. Retention strategy is based on attrition analysis. 3. Retention strategy is based on comparison of same & similar job grade/pay band in comparable industries. 4. Engagement activities lead to increase in productivity & retention of employees

3 Little Genius Ways to Upgrade Your Value as an HR Professional…

A Book Review Winning Big in HR By Alan Collins

Open Culture & Hierarchy less Work

An open and shut model I Danniel Tenner

Women Empowerment – Lets’ Break through It

A Thought on Women Empowering

Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Skills Development

Lead To +Imagination +Creativity +Empathy +Innovation =Value Creation

Strong Leaders Listen, Learn, then Lead!

A Thought on Listen Learn Lead - Key Success Factors Towards Life

4 Secrets of Managing your own Manager

Attrition is considered to be a problem of Managers. The problem can be solved by coaching employees on How to Manage their Manager and play a long inning in the organization. 4 secrets of Managing a Manager guides on practical techniques of Managing a Manager

Training is like making a horse fly

    Whenever I am invited to any of the training forums, I ensure to share the story titled ‘Horse may fly’. The story is set in the times when King’s verdict was never questioned. In one such instance, a King ordered life sentence to a man. Having just a few days at hand, the accused went up to a wise man, asking if there was a way out. Well-fed with the wise suggestions, the accused went up to the King and put forth a proposal. “I have a skill which you shall kill with me, a skill to make a horse fly”, he said. King, amused and curious, asked his council to look into it. The accused convinced them that it shall take atleast a year’s training to make the horse fly, like the wise man had suggested him to say. The wise man had said, “Put forward this proposal. If accepted, either ...

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