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Behavioral Based Interview

Behavioral Based Interview

Competency Based Interviewing also known as Behavior Event Interviewing (BEI) is the most advanced interview technique used globally to select the Right-Fit Candidates, as part of the Selection Process.  Competency-based (or behavioral) interviews are based on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Interviewers seek to obtain information about candidates past behavior in certain situations. Competency-based interviews are structured, with questions that relate directly to the essential criteria and competencies required for the position.

It is also used in Assessment/Development Centers to ensure objective assessment of competencies. Selection decisions are important decisions managers have to make: subjective and intuitive decisions using the traditional interview methods can be counter-productive when hiring or promoting employees.

Research into recruitment and selection methodology suggests that structured, competency based interviews can be one of the most reliable and accurate forms of assessment and you are 8 times more likely to hire superior performers using competency-based selection than through traditional interview techniques.  Cost of hiring a wrong person can cost the company dearly! This workshop is meant for all managers who have a current or potential role in Selection/Promotion decisions in their organizations and want to reduce the cost of Bad Hire.


Essential learning objectives for HR professionals and other functional leaders are as follows:

  • Differentiate between Competency Based, Behavior Event and Traditional Interviewing
  • Develop a job description with person specification and competencies
  • Learn rapport building with candidates
  • Practice listening & questioning skills
  • Identify fake responses and probe for details
  • Receive feedback from practice interviews with Interview Guide
  • Learn the steps in making fair and objective decisions

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