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Behavior Based Interviewing Skill

Behavior Based Interviewing Skill
Mr Anand Diwan , Group CEO at Balnchard, Vital Smarts, founder- DOOR (India) BYLD Group has wide experience in the field of sales and training. His specialties: Experiential Training, Performance Enhancement Solutions for Trackable and Tangible Business Results, Leadership Transformation Programs,Leadership Transformation. 

Mr Diwan is going to tell us in a practical way what and how of Behavior based interviewing skills .

HR Milestone Forum is covering such a an important topic on  18th Feb 2018 – Anniversary Event – Kal, Aaj aur Kal – an employee life cycle.

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Often when you read profile of HR candidate, it is found that all most all the HR must have written Recruitment as one of the most important activity they are doing. Put your hand on your heart and answer self what actually we as an HR professional contribute to the selection of candidate.

We invite candidate, do all kind of hospitality, Introduce with the panel and we ask first question ” Tell me about yourself …” and baton is passed to the  technical team. At last we say ” We will come back to you ” and candidate understand that he / she is not selected and HR never turn back to the that candidate.

It is said Employees are hired for Skills and Fired for Attitude. Companies today are looking for a candidate who not only fits the description of a position based on their experience but will also make an impact with their personality and responsive skills, attitude and culture fitment. How many of us are capable to match and hence Behavior based interviewing skill is one of the most required skill for recruiter now a days.

Traditional interviewing includes many different types of questions that are typically straight forward, such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “What major challenges and problems did you face? Behavioral interviewing focuses on questions that ask the candidate to describe how he or she has handled various situations throughout his or her career,

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