Author: Manish Bakshi

HIPOs: Overworked and Under-Challenged

Definition Bersin by Deloitte defines “high-potential employees” as employees who have been identified as having the potential, ability, and aspiration for successive leadership positions within the company. While this seems clear enough on its face, every organization will have its own definition—shaped by its specific needs and goals—of what effective leadership looks, sounds, and feels like Man...

Attrition, Retention & Engagement:-The BUZZ words

Three industrial buzz “Attrition, Retention & Engagement” is sensitive and abstruse to all industrial world. Few misconceptions about these words are: 1. Attrition and Retention are directly proportional to each other. 2. Retention strategy is based on attrition analysis. 3. Retention strategy is based on comparison of same & similar job grade/pay band in comparable industries. 4. Engageme...

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