Author: Jennifer Arellano

Ergonomic Essentials for Remote Working

Working from home is great. The reduced time in the office and cutting out arduous commutes are reason enough to make the switch. Your personal items and the comforts of home are easily accessible. Managing employees, contacting potential clients, grabbing a quick grilled cheese sandwich, and taking immediate control of projects are all possible in your own space. This ability to increase producti...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flex Time

Offering more flexibile hours can boost employee satisfaction — but there are drawbacks. The 9-to-5 has been a staple for businesses for so long that you don’t even have to think about what those numbers mean; you already know. It’s a colloquialism, it’s a movie, it’s a Dolly Parton song. It’s so ubiquitous that many people don’t even question it. But what if working hours didn’t have to be set by...

4 Problems with Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to tell their management team how they’re feeling at work. That means all the positive AND negative thoughts and feelings are supposed covered in a survey lasting 100+ questions. Theoretically, this exercise leads to a perfect picture of what’s going on in the office. Are these surveys truly accurate? Unfortunately,...

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